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    Ultimate Sparge Arm on a Keggle

    Has anyone tried to mount a More Beer Ultimate Sparge Arm on a Keggle? I'm concerned that it is designed to only fit over the narrow wall of a standard pot. MoreBeer advises me that "The sparge arm may fit around the neck of the keggle, but it depends on how wide a hole you cut on the top of...
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    Plan It for the Granite - Toronto, Canada

    If you're not busy on April 22nd, make sure you come to the Granite Brewery to learn about the SOBs new contest. SOB Competitions Director and BJCP judge Roger Beal and I are still working out the contest details, but we wanted to get the invite out to ensure a good crowd... (to repeat, there...
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    old wine barrels

    I've managed to grab several old (5-7yrs) oak barrels from a fellow who was pretty serious about making his own wine at home. They seem to all be about 10 gallons, American Oak, although one is just a bit larger, and is French. I've rinsed and somewhat cleaned out one of them, and now, a...
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    TORONTO, Canada Nov 7th - Teach a Friend to Homebrew

    Teach a Friend to Homebrew November 7th is "Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day". The SOBs are planning a public Big Brew at the Amsterdam Brewing Company in downtown Toronto. We have determined that there is space for about 12-15 "Are you an SOB?" homebrewers. We're hoping that everyone...
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    taking apart co2 regulator

    Anybody have a great link for taking apart a co2 regulator ? Maintenance/service/putting it back together?
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    Regulator Check

    I've seen the links on testing your thermometer, and how to tell if your hydrometer is even close (at least half of the time!). I Have several CO2 tanks, and just got another from a neighbour. Normally, I have always bought a new regulator, but this one has one already, and it is probably about...
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    my new portable toy for draft

    well... I finally got a chance to use my new personal portable potables device this weekend (a long weekend here in the Great White North), as I had seen other folks make all kinds of great draft machines. I found a Igloo 70qt MaxCold Ice Cube at Costco, big enough to hold two 3 gallon...
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    Conical question

    I just got a new 12.2 conical fermenter, made from Toledo Spinning hopper and lid. The lid of course, has no hole in it for a blow off tube. My (probably dumb) question is, should I drill one? Some conicals seem to have them, in others, pictures seem to show the lid just being clamped down. I...