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    Additional Water for Rice Hulls

    So I’m using 1.5L per pound of grain bill and it’s a I’m brewing with 10lbs of 2 row. So I planned to start with 15L of water for my mash. Now with my Brewzilla I wanted to try and use rice hulls this time to hopefully allow better water permeability. If I put in .5 pound of rice hulls should I...
  2. K

    First Brewzilla Brew

    In the middle of my 1st all grain brew with my new Brewzilla and I lifted the basket to drain the grain and it’s a very very slow drain. Been going 30 mins now and still just slow trickle coming out bottom of basket. Is this normal or do I have a stuck mash and should I be doing something...
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    Recipe Interpretations

    Ok I know this is going to sound pretty dumb but I'm getting prepared to jump into all grain brewing. I have bought myself a Brewzilla system and I'm getting close to attempting my first brew. Now in going through recipes on this site, all amounts of grain and hops etc are given... Is the amount...