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    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Im In for Robust Beard Porter – All-Grain
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    Thermowell cost? DIY alternatives?

    I use this: Plugged with this: - food safe and can be heated to 400 deg. F It can make 3 -24 inch or 4 - 18 inch thermowells. Total cost under $30
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    Which is more important?

    I agree with augiedoggy, I have both the Cereal Killer and the 12/24 V ebay pumps. My Cereal Killer is motorized with a cordless drill (works great). The Cereal Killer has paid for its self by being able to buy grain by the bag and crushing as needed.
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    Picnic tap upgrade

    I have had the same two picnic taps for over 2 years. I do not use them that often, they subsidize my 6 Perlick taps, but have not had any problems with them.
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    Peated malt--steep or mash?

    How did this turn out?
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    Noob brewhout lager kit question

    Yes, please do let us know how it turned out.
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    Also, did you adjust your gravity reading for temperature and calibrate your hydrometer?
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    That is the problem with stuck fermentations, it is not easy to figure out. Take a gravity sample from the top of your fermenter and see if it is different, it shouldn't be but you have a lot of trub in that sample. If you do go forward with secondary and bottling, make sure you keep an...
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    Since temperature (disolved CO2) is also a factor, I would also follow a priming calculator to figure how much sugar to add. Here is one as an example:
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    Just my 2 cents: You did not really oxygenate your wort so fermentation at this point is going to be really slow. Cold crashing now will completely stop fermentation but once you bottle, fermentation will probably start again as there will be more oxygen introduced and the process will rouse the...
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    my final gravity is consistantly low

    Sounds like you need a new hydrometer.
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    Noob brewhout lager kit question

    Sorry for the delayed response. It would not work too well like that. The wort will stabilize the pH so you do not extract excessive tannin's from both the hops and grain.
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    Did you aerate or oxygenate your wort before pitching the yeast? If so, what was your method?
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    how much ale will 1 pound of malt barley make?

    As much as you want it to, with decreasing alcohol content to increasing volume. It really depends, you need a bit more than just pale malt to make a brown ale, but in general the base malt would be around 2 lbs per gallon.
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    Noob brewhout lager kit question

    BTW, you CAN mimic a lager with some ale yeasts, which this product attempts to do. I have a doppelbock that recently placed 1st at the Foam Cup homebrew competition that was fermented with Wyeast 1007 - German Ale.
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    Noob brewhout lager kit question

    The addition of the Maris Otter mashed at a high temp will give it a a bit of sweetness and add a little more malt flavor. It does have a little higher SRM but the color will not be too different than the origonal. The IBU's would be a little lower (but that is a pretty rough estimate anyway)...
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    Also, adjust your efficiency in Beer Smith to match your OG, it might give you a different FG.
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    I do think it is a bit stuck but you should be able to get it going again. Do the swirl and raise the temperature. I wouldn't be surprised if you hit your FG or lower.
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    Do I have a stuck fermentation?

    Also, raise the temperature to 75 deg. Fahrenheit (24 deg. Celsius). It shouldn't add any considerable esters at this point and US-05 is pretty clean anyway.