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  1. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    FS. SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster edition with cooling coil, no heat. Comes with blow off cane, TC fittings for pressurized transfer minus regulator $600 would prefer not to ship due to chance of damage/denting. Willing to drive an 60-90 mins of Norfolk, VA. No trades.
  2. Goolsbymd

    jax FL trip score

    Well after being busy last few days taking my son around I ran into the LBS and walked out with a 4pack of KBS for $24, 2 funky Buddha last snow, 6 pack funky Buddha Floridian and MIA Miami Weiss and 6 pack cigar city jai alai. Going to see how FL "best craft breweries" stack up to VA (home...
  3. Goolsbymd

    Conical attachment for pressurization

    So I'm sitting here drinking some home brew looking at my new brewmaster chronical and am thinking how am I going to do a pressurized transfer with this thing since SS Brewtech doesn't have anything available yet. I was thinking for the attachment for the 3" tri clamp how about moving the...
  4. Goolsbymd

    Cleaning everything after long idle

    just got back from an 8 month deployment and currently have broken down all my corny kegs, taps, shanks and removed all the o-rings for replacement, and boiled all the SS pieces. Should I soak them all in a bar keepers solution and then rinse clean or just scrub them with the bar keepers? Also I...
  5. Goolsbymd

    Looking to upgrade

    So I got some post deployment money saved away and am looking into upgrading/improving my brewing equipment. I am a BIABer 5 gallon and happy with it. I use a concord 15 gallon kettle with therm and drain valve, I already make yeast starters as needed, already keg and built a keezer, I have a...
  6. Goolsbymd

    Price of honey question

    I know it will vary by area, however for 16lbs of wildflower honey from a local beekeeper I am being quoted $10/lbs. $160 for 16lbs of raw honey. Seems quite high to me but then again i have only made (1) 1gal batch.
  7. Goolsbymd

    Ward results, Chesapeake VA. Your thoughts?

    Just getting into the water side but am looking for things to adjust and if this is good or bad water and which styles this suits.
  8. Goolsbymd

    Virginia Beer Bug w/ external temp sensor $200 shipped

    Selling my beer bug with external temp probe, used it once but due to the location of the ferm chamber it could not detect my wifi signal strong enough. Should have known as its in a detached garage away from the router. Ill cover shipping, USA only. $200 takes it all.
  9. Goolsbymd

    Anniversary mead help

    I am stealing this idea from a fellow HBT and want to make a mead that I can enjoy once a year on my soon to be first child's birth. I know nothing about meads, never even tasted one. So it's fitting as I know nothing about raising a child. Can I age mead for 21 years and it still be good? Any...
  10. Goolsbymd

    What to buy next (bored at work edition)

    Im stuck at work for another 3 hours and im very bored, been looking around the internet and cant make up my mind. There isn't really anything I feel like I need to change maybe just make it more efficent. Im happy with sticking to 5GAL BIAB. 15GAL SS concord kettle w/ therm and 3 piece valve...
  11. Goolsbymd

    Moving WLP001 inside?

    Ok so I have read a ton of threads about fermenting cold and moving to a higher temp a few days later and those that are against it. Here's my delema: Chinook IPA WLP001 has been in the fermentation chamber for exactly a week at 62. It was working great but we have had a bit of a cold snap this...
  12. Goolsbymd

    Tomorrow's day 1, few questions

    Tomorrow I'll be doing my first BIAB it is the lemon-lime hefe weiven by sd-slim Grain bill is 11.25lbs. Using a paint strainer bag (going to double up until my wilser bag), wlp380 is on its stir plate already, beer smith is set up best i can and I am boiling 5 gallons of water to check boil off...
  13. Goolsbymd

    Sunday morning for Sunday dinner

    Two butts, brisket, and some peach bourbon baked beans.
  14. Goolsbymd

    Ready to try BIAB

    So I started doing 2.5g stove top batches in a 5 gal stock pot. Pretty easy... I have since been kicked out of the house while brewing so got a burner, going to build an immersion chiller, and I upgraded to a 15g kettle that ill drill and install a drain valve and therm. Building a pulley system...
  15. Goolsbymd

    Few questions, want answered verified please

    Good afternoon, I'm a brand new brewer(first batch 1 week into fermentation) and I'm getting ready to start kegging and put into a keezer. I ordered the 3 tap system off keg connection and 3 ball lock cornys. My plan is to after gravity is constant, place primary into the keezer and CO2 bottle...
  16. Goolsbymd

    Very first brew steeping now.

    Well, wife will be coming home and seeing im about half way through my first home brew. Stopped at a LHBS on the way home, all they sold were 5 gal kits so i just substituted and made up a 2.5g kit as I'm the only one drinking beer in this house. Got about 3 gallons steeping currently, extract...