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  1. streetmachine

    Infected yeast starter?

    I tried washing some yeast and when I made a yeast starter from it, it never took off so I let it sit. I think it got infected tho.
  2. streetmachine

    Looking for a muscato. Any tips

    I've got about 15 batches of home brew under my belt. But now I have to fill the 32 wine bottles I've collected. So I figure a batch of muscato will get enjoyed by my whole family. Any tips on which brand is best, which yeasts to use, meta-by-sulphates, other chemicals yeast nutrients, OG/FG
  3. streetmachine

    Maple syrup... Mead, possible?

    My neighbor offered me a gallon of maple syrup for $45 USD, his brother owns a tree farm. I thought maple syrup can't be too far from honey in regards to making a mead. Has anyone tried this? Do you think that it would be worth it to try and make it? Any yeast recommendations? I like EC-1118...
  4. streetmachine

    Tomarrow is Brew Day. Recipe Suggestions pleas

    I am putting together my first personal recipe todo my second batch ever. Starting out with a specialty grain steeping of one pound caramel 20 and one pound munich. Then adding 1 (3.3 lb) can of Coopers Wheat LME, and 3 lbs of Muntons Plain Light DME. For my hop additions I am Thinking about...