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  1. LTownLiquorPig

    Segmented Brew Day

    I've seen mention in Don Osborn videos that he'll mash in collect wort in the evening, then leave it covered until he starts the boil in the morning. Going to try it, but haven't had to yet.
  2. LTownLiquorPig

    What are you drinking now?

    No picture, but I'm dowing the last 4 bomber's of Cooper's kit beers I have. Started all grain after Christmas, and while I might knock down a canned kit to keep the pipeline going at some point, the side by side difference is crazy. I'm a convert, on the real.
  3. LTownLiquorPig

    Need help w/ my BIAB Brew Set-Up

    I've gone from canned kits to BIAB since Christmas. I had a 20 quart pot, so thought for cost savings I'd start with it and just make 2.5 gallon batches until I nailed my process and saved up for a bigger pot and a cooler (had planned to mash in a cooler lined with a bag). Long story short...
  4. LTownLiquorPig

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you know how much beer +/- a couple liters how much beer you've drank in the last 18 months.
  5. LTownLiquorPig

    Helles Bock Floor Kill Ale (Maibock...ish)

    Mine's a rockstar right now too. Smelled amazing coming through the airlock today.
  6. LTownLiquorPig

    Helles Bock Floor Kill Ale (Maibock...ish)

    Bought the ingredients for this yesterday, a 2.5 gallon batch. Hope to through it together this weekend. Going with Notty for the yeast, it's what I have on hand. Rock on.
  7. LTownLiquorPig

    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    There are actually commercially available 2.4% beers? Wow. Is it for Jr. High kids? Or breakfast? What application does it have?
  8. LTownLiquorPig

    Home Brew Problems - Help Please

    That's the biggest reason I ran the numbers, the "holy crap what if this is amazing factor". Took awful notes though (first brew outdoors with a burner) so I wanted some info in case I wanted to re-create....
  9. LTownLiquorPig

    Home Brew Problems - Help Please

    Ha! Guess I'll find out in a month or so.
  10. LTownLiquorPig

    Home Brew Problems - Help Please

    So I'm calling this Daft Bastard IPA, because that about sums it up. Went to the LHBS to buy the ingredients for an Irish Red. They didn't have a couple of ingredients, so I figured screw it, I'll make an IPA. I bought 3.75#s 2-row, a half pound of crystal 60 and a half pound of Munich, as...
  11. LTownLiquorPig

    Favorite Bar Food????

    A pub we go to has Potacho's. Lattice-cut fries cooked crispy with nacho toppings like that. Delicious!!
  12. LTownLiquorPig

    Why does Malt Liquor taste so bad?

    I liked St.Ides even before I knew it was Wu Tang endorsed; and Wu Tang is, afterall, for the children.
  13. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 18: Liquor Pig IPA

    Bottled it Friday night with a cup of corn sugar. Gently stirred the bottling bucket to see if I could get a more even mixture as I've been noticing some inconsistent carbination the last couple batches. The couple of ounces I had left tasted delicious. My favourite sample from one of these...
  14. LTownLiquorPig

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    Or you look like an invalid dragging your green compost bin with frozen wheels through 3 foot snow drifts that is about 20 pounds too heavy because of the wet then frozen spent grains.....
  15. LTownLiquorPig

    Preventing boil-overs

    I am brand new to full boils and such, so I thought it might be a good idea to boil with the paint strainer bag on the pot for hops. As it turns out, it also kept foam down......
  16. LTownLiquorPig

    Let's See Where This Goes Dry Stout

    It's come together a little better now. Should be delicous-er in another week.
  17. LTownLiquorPig

    What I did for beer today

    Bought caps, a pound of DME (frigged up my grain bill purchase for an IPA) and two packs of Cooper's yeast as back ups, as I'm trying to roll with recycled Notty for a while.
  18. LTownLiquorPig

    I'm Doing It!!

    Yeah, 4 gallon pot. Heat on stove, doughh in. My stove only goes down to 170, so I heat it up, turn it off and stick the pot in the oven. I take it out and stir every 15-20 mins, and check the temp. If the oven feels cool, I pre-heat to 170 again, and shut it off when it gets there. I get...
  19. LTownLiquorPig

    I'm Doing It!!

    Trying to get lots of brewing in now while I can. I work 50-60 hour weeks April to October, so I'm trying to get 3 brews every two weeks between now and then.
  20. LTownLiquorPig

    I'm Doing It!!

    Just put down what's supposed to be a 2.5G dry stout. OG 1.048. Off to the racers on recycled Notty.