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  1. funkapottomous

    Beer and Board games

    do you like beer? Of course you do! Do you like board games? probably! Why the hell aren't you watching beer and board games? Why are you yelling at me, please just stop yelling I'll do it, I'll watch it oh god. I discovered this little gem on youtube a while back. It's from the same...
  2. funkapottomous

    My first real mead, about 18 months later.

    So back in February of 2012, SWMBO's brother had asked me to make a mead for him to give to coworkers as a present. It was a 50/50 mixture of Texas blackberry and raspberry honeys. He left the company around September and held on to all the bottles. I had pretty much forgotten about it until...
  3. funkapottomous

    Anybody know anything about light-up beer signs?

    So I have this sign I am trying to sell and I wanted to know what a decent asking price for it was. Only thing is that I can't find it anywhere online. The closest thing I can find is a poster with the same image on it, for like ten bucks. It's a Busch Light sign with a girl in a bikini...
  4. funkapottomous

    Do you work for someone who's hiring in the Houston area?

    I just graduated with a BBA and am looking for work, and most websites that are databases of job listings are filled with "outsourced consulting" or "third party marketing ..." which is code for "you go door to door and sell people cable." Just thought I'd trawl a bit and see if I get some bites.
  5. funkapottomous

    Does anyone here play Battlefield 3?

    A buddy and I are playing tonight at my place, drinking a bit and switching off between matches. I just went 26 and 26 on conquest while playing a support class with C4, and I'm pretty sure about 12 or 13 of those deaths came from me throwing C4 onto tanks and other vehicles and then blowing...
  6. funkapottomous

    CO2 Fire Extinguisher for kegging?

    Okay, I've got all my kegging supplies, except for the CO2 tank. I asked my Dad if he might be able to snag me a tank from the plant where he works, and apparently the only thing that they've even got out there that's not a GIANT tank are a bunch of CO2 fire extinguishers. I know that the...
  7. funkapottomous

    Question about taps

    What's the difference between the setup I see with CO2 and regulators and all that noise, versus just a regular old pump tap like you'd see at a party? Is there any real noticeable difference regarding how long the beer lasts, etc? I'm looking to spend some graduation money and there are...
  8. funkapottomous

    Dungeons and Dragons

    Finished our very first campaign a few minutes ago. Was really fun. I'm working on a Dwarven Fighter, backstory is that he was a human, one might call him a midget. Came across a wizard one day and begged to be made taller, so the wizard (being an *******) turned him into a dwarf. He's...
  9. funkapottomous

    I gradjimated collij twoday.

    Eat 'em up, Kats! (I'm the two old people on either side of that Wizard) Now I gotta find a job. Anybody know a brewery that needs a QC guy? I could do that.
  10. funkapottomous

    AT&T Customer Service

    I am so absolutely LIVID with ATT U-Verse right now. I can't even explain how exasperated I am with them and their "customer service." Last week we got our bill and it was nearly 40 dollars higher than normal. I called to figure out what was going on and was told that the promotion we...
  11. funkapottomous

    Anybody know anything about projectors?

    I have an Acer projector I got from SWMBO's little brother around christmas-time and it's worked great for playing XBOX and watching movies on the wall. we get back from out of town yesterday and I go to turn it on this afternoon and nothing. the power indicator light comes on, and when...
  12. funkapottomous

    Any fraternity guys on HBT?

    I sure as hell hope not. Just saw a midnight screening of Project X and one of the frats decided they'd all go and be part of the party. Brought in all of their own beer and liquor and had a rootin' tootin' good time. and wouldn't shut the **** up. One guy especially. Probably a pledge...
  13. funkapottomous

    AHA Rally at Saint Arnold's Today

    Went well. Joined the AHA because I wanted to enter a local pro-am and you gotta be a member. Also, they have some pretty cool resources available once you join up. Anyway, we got the "people who know about brewing" tour, as opposed to the regular one. Got to see the grain room and the...
  14. funkapottomous

    Argh pvc!

    So I bought some PVC pipe to fit to my new conical from spraysmarter. Two parts were not threaded, and thus will need to be glued. Only problem is, I put them together in the store to make sure they'd fit and can't get them apart! Any ideas? I don't have any wrenches big enough to fit...
  15. funkapottomous

    Spicy Beer (and I ain't talkin' hops)

    So a local brewery's pro-am competition is coming up, and this year instead of just making it, kegging it, and sending it out to certain bars/having it available on tours, they're going to can it and sell it in stores. So my brewbuddy and I are brainstorming about something that would be a...
  16. funkapottomous

    Big Brew Weekend, Day 2.

    Brewing with a buddy, meant to do two batches yesterday but we had a hiccup and decided to do the second today. So we've got ten gallons of my porter down, and today we're going to brew ten gallons of Southern Star's Bombshell Blonde. Only our LHBS didn't have the hersbrucker hops, so we...
  17. funkapottomous

    SWMBO's brother

    is the type of guy who would lie about anything. He'd tell you he went to the movies when he had gone to the mall instead, so when he tells you something (specifically about his job) you just have to nod and act like you're an idiot. Anyway, he called the other day and asked if I could make...
  18. funkapottomous

    Getting nasty mold crap out of a barrel.

    The barrel itself isn't moldy, just the little wooden spigot setup that came with it. It's only about 2l, but I paid money for it and don't want to waste it. I was thinking of soaking the thing in starsan, and then after that just uh... doing a few rounds of water so clear the star...
  19. funkapottomous

    SMASH 2-row and Cascade

    10 pounds of 2-row 4 oz of cascade. Mashed in at 154~ gonne let it sit for 90. Sparge Boil, add 3 Oz cascade. .5 at 45mins .5 a flameout we'll see how it comes out. safale s-04.
  20. funkapottomous

    Best. Day. Ever.

    So, a little backstory first. In the spring of 2011, I went and spoke with my advisor (for college) who gave me a list of all the classes I needed to graduate. I took fifteen hours in the spring, twelve over the summer and fifteen over fall, thinking that I only needed another fifteen...