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  1. kickrjason

    Keggle herms coil

    Anyone know of a source for a coil made for a keg conversion?
  2. kickrjason

    RIMS Tube designs

    I am looking for some designs and feedback on a self contained RIMS tube with pid setup. Looking for a 110v system to use in an insulated cooler system. Most if what I have found is 220v but I am thinking I shouldn't need that if I have the cooler insulation.
  3. kickrjason

    Northern brewer session

    I am looking to use up a couple ounces of whole leaf northern brewer hops in an upcoming session ale. Any recipe recommendations for a good low gravity beer for these? Thanks.
  4. kickrjason

    New to Anchorge

    I recently relocated to Anchorage Alaska. I have a Blichman burner I use for 10gal boils. Are there any special techniques for brewing outside in 0 -20* that I should adopt so my first brew day up here is successful?
  5. kickrjason

    Induction brewing

    I was walking through Costco yesterday and saw them selling an induction cooktop "hot plate" I immediately thought "wonder if I can use that to brew?" Has anyone used one of these or something similar to brew?
  6. kickrjason

    Seattle brewery's and bottle shops

    Hello all. I am traveling to Seattle / Issaquah wa area on Friday for a week. I want to know what the best bottle shops are and the "do not miss brewery's" Help me out and thanks in advance.
  7. kickrjason

    Grain Mill Recomendations

    I am looking to get a mill soon. Any suggestions as to the best one to get regarding durability and lifetime of use. I dont want to spend the $ on a cheaper one if a year down the road i hate it.
  8. kickrjason

    LHBS ruined my brew day

    Get to brew maybe once a week on Sunday. I picked up a grain order from my LHBS on Sunday afternoon and went home. Waited till I had my boys asleep and started to get the brew going. I went to weigh my grain to calculate my strike water volume. To my hock my bag of grain was pounds off. It...
  9. kickrjason

    Session mild

    Am looking to make a 3 gallon batch of a nice mild ale. Any good suggestions for a starting point on recipe formulation? ?
  10. kickrjason

    got a laugh on craigslist

    so in my local area a guy is selling a 3 tier for $900 i noticed in his pictures he is sparging a batch and aerating the hell out of his wart. looks like a bowl full of piss foam.
  11. kickrjason

    Lost Abbey Red Barn Clone

    Has anyone done one of these? I am looking for a good clone recipe of this since i cant make it back to san marcos for quite a while.
  12. kickrjason

    Hiw to csrbonate first mead

    Since this is my first batch. I am Leary of the bottling. I have made many batches of beer but I think for some reason the residual sugars in the mead has me nervous. I don't want bottle bombs. What's the best procedure to carbonate mead? And for the record the auto correct on my iPhone is to...
  13. kickrjason

    Sanke Coupler

    I have a sanke coupler for sale. it is brand new. My wife bought me a kegorator for my birthday and i swapped it out for ball lock connectors. Make an offer i know new they are around $35
  14. kickrjason

    New kegerator

    I my amazing wife surprised me with a double tap kegorator for my 30th birthday. It is equipped with sanke connectors. What's the best way to remove them to be able to sell them? I won't use them and I'm sure someone else can. I'm assuming just remove the gas line from the manifold. But the...
  15. kickrjason

    110v Hlt

    Is it possible to build an electric HLT with 110?
  16. kickrjason

    STC1000 settings

    What settings on this unit should I use to prolong my freezers compressor life? Long time delay? What temp differential? What should I have the probe in to give the best results?
  17. kickrjason

    Best Cooler for MLT

    I am planning on getting a cooler in the VERY near future to go all grain. My 30th Birthday is in a couple weeks. With that being said which is the best? I want it large enough to do 10 gal or 5gal high gravity batches eventually. Tell me and or show me what works best for you all!!
  18. kickrjason

    Free Ferm Chamber Phoenix Area

    I have my old ferm chamber available if someone wants it. I ruined the A/C unit by putting a pinhole in one of the copper lines. It's reparable if you know how but paying someone to fix it isn't worth it to me. The temp controller is not included. It is now running my freezer. This is a...
  19. kickrjason

    Freezer size for ferm chamber

    Am looking to get a freezer now to replace a broken homemade ferm chamber. What size serves to hold the most batches of beer? I don't want to get something that in the end holds two carboy because it's "just too small for more"
  20. kickrjason

    Ferm Chamber Emergency

    i just came home to my ferm chamber in the 80's with the A/C unit on but not blowing cold air. The unit is less than a year old. is there anything i can check on this thing on my own or has the compressor taken a dump and i am screwed? :(