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  1. fc36

    FWH Problem, please help

    Let me qualify this question with the fact that I've been brewing for quite a while now and regularly post, but I've never done FWH. I was confused about the process and made a potentially boneheaded mistake with a very expensive batch of beer. I was trying to make an adapted version of...
  2. fc36

    eBIAB control circuit help

    I'm looking for either a concise wiring diagram or just some advice on my control panel. So, naturally, I'm looking in Walker and/or P-J's direction. To give you some background, I'm a chemical engineer that designs control panels that utilize pids and all that good stuff for a living, but I'm...
  3. fc36

    Illinois Swagelok 1/2" FNPT 3-piece Ball Valves

    Selling two brand-new, still in the box Swagelok SS-63TF8 1/2" Female NPT 3-piece Ball Valves. They have never been used. I bought three of them with the intention of using them on an all-electric Kal clone, but decided to go the eBIAB route instead (I'm an apartment dweller). So I figured, I'd...
  4. fc36

    Using brown sugar in place of DME for yeast harvesting?

    So I'm an experienced brewer who's harvested yeast and also repitched onto yeast cakes, but I'm in a pinch. I have some Wyeast WLP566 Saison II yeast that is currently in secondary. I'm planning to rack to a keg on Tuesday night and have no way of getting to the LHBS before they close the next...
  5. fc36

    1/4" Female SAE 37 (JIC) to Female NPT (1/4 or 3/8")

    So to give you some quick background in order to reduce the number of trolls upfront. I am a chemical engineer who specializes in project engineering for a CEMS integrator and believe me I know how to source all types of fittings and electrical components. However, I am having an insane amount...