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  1. kaffeenjunkie

    EZ Water Calculator issue

    I use R/O water with 4ppm NA for my water. Grain bill 5 lbs Two Row Pale Malt 1 lbs Crystal 40 1 lbs Cara Pils 1 lbs Honey malt 8.6 gal mash water / no sparge (BIAB) Without any additions EZ Water pegs my pH at 4.78 Add; 2 gm Gypsum 5 gm Calc Chloride 2 gm Gypsum EZ Water...
  2. kaffeenjunkie

    Pizza screen

    Want to get rid of the lobster insert in my bayou kettle. Any thoughts to setting a pizza screen directly on a blichman boil coil? Would it scorch my bag and grains?
  3. kaffeenjunkie


    Finally found the tap handles to finish my keezer project.!chalkboard-tap-handles-online-store/ct89b
  4. kaffeenjunkie

    DWI dismissed because body is a brewery!?

  5. kaffeenjunkie

    Another keezer build

    I just want to thank all who have built before and posted their ideas. 7.0 cubic ft freezer. Hard wired ink bird controller. Red oak trim with red Mahogany stain and spar varnish.