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  1. JPrather

    Rinsed yeast, not sure what I'm seeing here

    Hey guys, I just bottled 3-gal batch of American Wheat. I'm attempting to rinse the yeast cake (Wyeast 1007). For whatever reason I am seeing something different than I am used to. Rather than having a layer of trub on the bottom, I have two distinctly different creamy/white layers: The...
  2. JPrather

    Liquid yeast at room temp for 3 months

    A friend of mine bought a beer kit (kolsch extract kit) a few months ago, today I noticed it was still sitting on his fridge. He hadn't brewed it because they "forgot to include sugar". After explaining to him that priming sugar is just table sugar, I took a look at the kit and found a pack of...
  3. JPrather

    Caracrystal Wheat opinions?

    Hey guys. I'm planning to re-brew an Alt recipe I made that turned out great. I was thinking about swapping out the Caramunich for Briess Caracrystal Wheat just to try something different. It's a pretty standard Pilsner/Munich/Caramunich-type Alt recipe. It seems like it doesn't get much use...
  4. JPrather

    Partial Mash Pre/Post-Boil Gravity descrepancy

    Hey guys, Several days ago I brewed my first partial mash. Not knowing where my efficiency would end up, I took a pre-boil reading. In doing so, I ended up with a discrepancy that I've spent several days trying to come up with an explanation for and can't. I know I might be missing something...
  5. JPrather

    pH/Mineral content for Partial Mash

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to do my first partial mash. (~5 gal Altbier batch using 3lbs Munich/1lbs specialty grains/3lbs DME (Briess Pilsen). Thusfar I have used RO (reverse osmosis) water exclusively with Extract batches, with good results. I'll be doing a partial mash with 1.375qt/lb with a...
  6. JPrather

    Frigidare Upright Freezer (Model #FFU11FK1CW0) Fermentation Chamber

    I'm in the market for a fermentation chamber. I was looking at the Igloo 4.6cu ft mini fridge that Walmart has on sale right now for $119, but one of these bad boys showed up on Craigslist ($100 asking price): Thing is, I haven't seen anybody talk about converting one of these (Frigidare...
  7. JPrather

    Roasted Malts and red color.

  8. JPrather

    Northern Brewer Living Social Deal extended

    I thought this deal ended awhile ago but I was just talking to a buddy of mine about getting started brewing and checked and it's been extended another week or so. I have my first batch brewing right now from this kit and it's a fantastic deal, IMO. Perfect starter set for a gift, too...
  9. JPrather

    What do you guys make of this? (Fermentation pics)

    Hey guys, Here's a couple of pics of my first brew in primary fermentation. In both pics, there is an obvious disparity between sides of the surface. One side has been foamy/white while the other side is chocolate brown with dry-looking chunks. Note: I'm not worried about it, I already had my...
  10. JPrather

    First batch, pitched too hot, fermentation seems to be going, any suggestions?

    Hey guys, Yesterday I brewed my first batch of beer, the Nut Brown Ale Extract kit from Northern Brewer. Besides spilling some specialty grains, the brewing process went smoothly, and my OG was spot on (1.044). However, it turns out my thermometer is wonky, and I pitched my yeast (Danstar...