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  1. terragady

    beer shank ID

    Hi, I have ordered some beer shanks 92mm from aliexpress, there was no information about the internal diamater but it seems like it is huge :) it is 5/8 or 15mm, much bigger than my lines which are 3/16 inside. Will that be a problem? I read already about the turbulation to the beer which will...
  2. terragady

    Modifying my equipment (BIAB?)

    Hi, so I have build my small mash and boil pot. I wanted to stick with the BIAB method so I ordered a SS mesh basket. The first problem is already there, the guy made me too small backet so I ended up with too much space between pot and the basket. The problem is that I cannot load more than...
  3. terragady

    Other Some PCBs for ArdBir and CraftBeerPI

    Hi, I have for sell some PCBs for ardbir and craftbeerpi whcih I developed and printed. I have only few left and they are not in production or anything, just getting rid of what I have and I will not use anymore. ArdBir - 12$ shipped worldwide as a letter CraftbeerPi small 3.0 - 10$ big...