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  1. Kyzaboy89

    First Braggot!

    It's been a long time coming and a dream of mine to create the beverage of vikings I've imagined since I was a kid watching Kirk Douglas in the classic film "Vikings." Personally I've never cared for beer, or at the very least any I have ever tried, and yet the aroma and flavor I imagine is...
  2. Kyzaboy89

    Peach Mango Melomel

    Starting a Peach Mango Melomel and more to follow but Its only been 30 minutes and there is activity with positive pressure in the airlock haha I make one of these for my anniversary each year and due to my wife's love of peach and mango, it disappears rapidly. I have a 3 year old bottle hidden...
  3. Kyzaboy89

    Spiced Blood Orange Mead.

    By request of Dan O, the Spiced Blood Orange Mead I started yesterday 2/21/21. O.G. 1.106 - before spices and nutrients added. 1¾ gal. water. 5# Wali world Honey. 1# Wandrys Apiary Honey (Clover Honey.) 3" stick of Cinnamon. 1 whole Clove (bigger size.) 1 tsp ground Nutmeg. ½ tsp ground...
  4. Kyzaboy89

    Delete thread please.

    Delete thread please.
  5. Kyzaboy89

    Skeeter Mead Foam Rant.

    Started a Skeeter 'Mead' Pee on 2-16-21 using the slurry from my recent blueberry melomel, using 71B and didn't remember to wash the slurry before starting the new batch. Following the recipe while exchanging table sugar for honey, same additions and schedule with slightly higher O.G. 1.076...
  6. Kyzaboy89

    Blackberry Melomel

    Started a Blackberry Melomel a year ago as quarantine hit and just bottled, first fruit mead I've been able to keep up with as they tend to ferment rather quick. No sulfur smell, which is a first for my melomels, bulk aged all year and settled out clear after about 5 months from pitch. Filled...
  7. Kyzaboy89

    To much nutrient in primary?

    Hello all, quick question, teaching my wife how to brew melomel and failed to specify how much nutrient to add at sugar breaks. Instead of package directions divided over sna/sugar breaks, the full amount on the package labels was added each break. At pitch and both sugar breaks 1/2 tsp per...