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  1. w9nl

    PID Thermocouple question

    Just hooked up a Auber 2362 PID and a Liquid tight K type, TC-K100M1/2NPT temp probe. I put the PID in a box and used a XLR connector on the temp probe so I could connect/disconnect as needed. I'm making the move to 10g batches and wanted to do a trial run of sorts tonight to see how things...
  2. w9nl

    Is it wrong?

    Rough day at work today and even though I have a couple of kegs with some nice home brew I felt the need for a nice vodka martini. Is it wrong?
  3. w9nl

    Stir plate learnings :)

    Put together a stir plate last week and tried it out on some old yeast I had gotten from one of my primary's. Never really intended on using this particular yeast as it had been sitting in a jar for probably a few months. So anyway I went thru the normal steps and made a starter and put it on my...
  4. w9nl

    Pitch it or wait?

    Brewing a wheat beer today and made a starter last night. The starter is going strong but I'm wondering if I should let the starter settle down before pitching. I normally make a starter a few days before brewing, but I was out of town and couldn't do it till last night. Thoughts?