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  1. TheHopfather

    Anyone Heard of a Mega Tap Draft System?

    Hi Hivemind, Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a Mega Tap draft system before? I have an opportunity to pick one up for a steal but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. It looks like it is just a glycol chiller and a fancy tower, just wondering what the consensus is around...
  2. TheHopfather

    RO Machine Problem or Brun Water Problem?

    For the last couple of batches I've brewed, at least the ones I've bothered checking the pH on, I've found that the pH estimates provided by Brun Water have been off, my pH is ending up higher than predicted. For example here is what I've done with my water for an IPA I brewed last week...
  3. TheHopfather

    Grainfather + Bru'N Water = Mash pH Off

    I recently picked up a Grainfather and quickly knocked off 2 batches with it. With both of these batches I ended up with my mash pH being pretty far off from what Bru'N Water predicted (0.27pH & 0.21pH respectively). Not sure why this is happening... I used to BIAB on my stove top, I use...
  4. TheHopfather

    Entirely New Brewing Process

    Interesting article about a new brewing process developed in Italy. No crushing the grain, no boiling, 100% efficiency - I wonder if this method will take off...
  5. TheHopfather

    Jockey Box to Corny Keg Question

    So I was given a pre-built jockey box as a gift, however it appears that the unit is setup to accept Sanke kegs and I am looking to hook up corny kegs. Everything on the inside of the unit appears to be 3/16" (2 runs of tubing going to and from a 70' SS coil, all I can find on the coil is that...
  6. TheHopfather

    Behold! The Power of Gelatin

    This post serves no purpose other than to allow me to show the world the power of gelatin. Behold, my first attempt at a lager. I give you, Munich Helles. Feel free to add your own clear beer porn.
  7. TheHopfather

    Oktoberfest+Prague+Berlin - Suggestions Needed

    The wife and I are headed to Oktoberfest 2015 and we're also hitting up Prague and Berlin (plus a few more western European cities). I was just looking for some suggestions on some beer related spots (brewpubs, pubs, breweries, etc) that we might want to hit up while we are there in those...
  8. TheHopfather

    Hoppy Beers Taste Better Before Bottling?!

    Hey All, The last couple of hop forward beers that I've brewed have tasted fantastic coming out of the bottling bucket but lacking once bottle conditioned. I'll use my last citra/mosaic IPA as an example. On bottling day the sample was damn near perfect. Gravity was spot on, sample had a...
  9. TheHopfather

    Oak Cask Bung Question

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I've got a brand new 10L oak cask from the wife as a gift. I'm planning on aging some whiskey in this thing for the first use and then using it for a beer. My problem is I've heard that the wooden bungs / gravity tap that came with it aren't very good. Does...
  10. TheHopfather

    Help With My IPAs - Water Issue?

    I've been trying to brew up a nice, hoppy West Coast style IPA and have been disappointed with the results. I can make a beer that tastes and smells like hops but they are all missing the bitter, kick you in your teeth, hops flavor that commercial IPA's have. I've started using commercial...
  11. TheHopfather

    How Much Krausen In Starter?

    I just made my second starter ever. I've got a 2L flask and a stir plate, I'm using the 10g of DME per 100mL of water rule. I'm wondering how much karusen I should expect to see in my starter? While I've had a small (1/2"-ish) layer of foam I haven't had a huge karusen by any means. Is this...