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  1. BadMitten

    Brewing 4th batch in 20 minutes. Need some advice.

    So I went to the Brew Shop and told them I wanted something like new castle but not as light and with a more flavor. He suggested some molasses, which he forgot to give me, and some malto-dextrin. So I'm about to start this thing, and i just wanted a little more flavor out of it. Is there...
  2. BadMitten

    Have I lost this batch?!?

    Earlier I posted about a watery tasting batch. It's been in primary for 2 weeks. I took a hydrometer reading today and it said it was 1.015. And it says it's 2.5%alc. does that sound right? And will it get stronger or am I out of luck? This is also the batch that only got 75% of its...
  3. BadMitten

    Current batch seems watery.

    I tasted a batch of Hefe that's brewing yesterday and it tasted good, but watery. I was told to add some extra water to bring down the alcohol level which was pretty high. I probably added maybe a half gallon. I also only managed to get 3/4 of the yeast in the beer since it exploded when I...
  4. BadMitten

    My fermenting closet...

    This is what's in my closet at the moment. Oatmeal stout and a Hefe. The hefe is on its second week, the stout is about to go to secondary. Enjoy the pic!
  5. BadMitten

    Picture of first brew in glass!

    Here's my amber in the glass as someone requested!
  6. BadMitten

    When to bottle hefe?

    So the recipe says to bottle once beer is fully do I keep it in the fermentor until I get constant gravity readings? How long do hefes normally sit before bottling? Thanks! Here is the brew after about a week
  7. BadMitten

    Yeast problem with das Hefe?

    As I was about to pitch my yeast yesterday, white labs wlp300, it exploded when I opened it. I probably managed to get 3/4 of it the, am I out of luck?
  8. BadMitten

    Picture of my first brew!

    Here is the final product! Tastes great just needs a few more days in bottles!
  9. BadMitten

    How can I lower the alcohol content?

    I have a Hefe that I'm planning on brewing within a few days. The guy that gave me the recipe said it's a good beer but very high in alcohol. What would knock this down to the normal 5% range? As is, I think its near 7.5. Here is the ingredient list. 7 Pounds Alexander's Pale/Wheat Malt...
  10. BadMitten

    Cracked my first beer of my first batch. Like Usher once said..."OMG"

    I had a few Hefes while skimming through the world wide web. I was out of beer. I didn't know what to do. My first batch is in bottles after only 4 days. I figured I would crack one to test it. Only Landfill from Beerfest can explain what I am feeling. "This sweet nectar was my...
  11. BadMitten

    Hefeweizen Recipe for 2nd Batch. Need some assistance...

    So I went to the local brew store and got this recipe and the ingredients. The guy said it was a good beer, but a had a high alcohol content (7.5 or so) I want to brew it, but wan't to make it in the 5% range, so it's easy drinking. Any ideas ladies and gents? Here is the recipe. 7 Pounds...
  12. BadMitten

    First batch is bottled. What should I start on tomorrow?

    Hey ladies and gents, I have a delicious dark amber beer, similar to Alaskan Amber in bottles. I'm heading to the brew store tomorrow so I can start another batch tomorrow night. What's a good beer that won't take as long as the last batch (1.5 months) that I could brew in case the amber...
  13. BadMitten

    Another Question to settle my first batch paranoia...

    So as I posted earlier, my first batch is bottled and on its way. Obviously every little thing makes me think I've screwed up. Here is the latest and it may seem odd. Should I be able to smell the beer through the cap? It makes me think it's not airtight. It sounds ridiculous I know. Any...
  14. BadMitten

    First Batch. Start to Finish in Pictures!

    So this is my first batch. I was going for something similar to Alaskan Amber but a tad darker and more flavorful. I went to the local beer supply store and the guy and me picked out the ingredients and he made me a recipe, which I wil post eventually. Once I find it again. I tasted it...
  15. BadMitten

    Is my beer supposed to be doing this?!?

    I have a batch in the secondary fermentor. It's been here about 2 weeks and I'm just about to bottle. Yesterday, I noticed some white dots floating on the top of the beer and I don't think they were there a few days ago. Any ideas of what it could be? Is it bad or normal? The beer is in a...
  16. BadMitten

    Alaskan Amber clone?

    Anyone have a good clone for Alaskan Amber? I'm starting my first brew in the next week or two... Thanks!
  17. BadMitten

    Badmitten special dog brown ale label

    So, I haven't even made a batch of beer yet. Waiting until I move into my new house in a month. Have all the stuff ready to go. Including labels. I fancy myself an artist and and have drawn up like 10 different ones while killin' time. If anyone is interested I'll post some more. This...
  18. BadMitten

    Adding flavor to a Brown Ale?

    I recently got a recipe for a Newcastle clone. It's going to be my first batch and I was wondering if there were any tricks/ingredients that may add some flavor. I like Newcastle, it's not a bad beer. I would just like my first beer to have more kick than that. Any ideas? Nothing overly...
  19. BadMitten

    Ordering my brewery TONIGHT!

    So I'm going to order all the stuff necessary to start brewing stuff finally. I'll get right to the point. I want to buy everything that I need tonight so I wont have to drive 2 hours to the nearest supply store. Whats a good mid-level kit? Or should I buy everything individually? Anyone...