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  1. methusula110

    Side by side temperature control

    If I use a side by side Refrigerator/Freezer and use a control device to keep the fridge side at 65-70, what will the temperature be in the freezer? I want to turn my side by side into a fermentation chamber and use the freezer side for cold beer. Any help would be appreciated:confused:
  2. methusula110

    0 Gravity

    Is this even possible????, starting to wonder if my hydrometer is screwed up. This started at 1.072, used wlp099 High Gravity yeast. This seems impossible to me1.000. Any help would be appreciated,
  3. methusula110

    Cyser and Yeast

    I am currently fermenting a 5 gallon batch of cyser. I pitched 1 packet of Red Star Pasteur champagne yeast (the recipe was vague on how much to use). It is bubbling nicely now, but it looks like a lot of mead brewers are using 2 packets (5 grams). Here is the recipe 11lbs clover honey 5...
  4. methusula110

    Cyser question

    Got "Homebrew Favorites" book for Christmas and am going to attempt a Cyser recipe. The recipe calls for boiling 11 lbs of honey and 5 gallons of cider for an hour. Reading the threads in here, it seems most of you say not to boil cider because of cloudiness. I bought pasteurized apple cider...
  5. methusula110

    My first ingredients?

    I am going to try and brew my first batch with handpicked ingredients. Can anyone look at this and tell me if I'm off my rocker, please kind sirs:D I'm brewing 5lbs yield, my friends and family members like a milder beer than an IPA (my favorite), so I'm trying to create a wheat beer we can all...