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  1. yorkeken

    Exchilerator Maxx vs. Zchiller large counterflow chillers.

    Does anyone know which one of these counterflow chillers is better? Thinking of ditching my plate chiller so I can let my whirlpool hops swim freely.
  2. yorkeken

    Beersmith 3 - Conflicting ABV numbers when estimated & actual OG numbers are the same.

    Looking for some help here. The attached image shows the "Est ABV" (on the left) as 6.8% based on the "Est OG" of 1.068. When I input 1.068 in the "Measured OG" field (on the right), it gives me a "Measured ABV" of 7.7%. Having a hard time figuring out what is causing the difference. Thanks.
  3. yorkeken

    No longer wasting Co2

    Best thing is that on kegging day, the cleaning, sanitizing and purging will already be done. Great brew day today in the northeast.
  4. yorkeken

    Duda Diesel B3-36A 20 Plate Chiller

    Having now tweaked my cooling system method over several brewdays, I've been getting amazing performance from this chiller. Most recent batch was 5.75 gallons after killing the boil. I cooled the wort to 180F, and held that temp for a 30 minute hop whirlpool, then transferred directly through...
  5. yorkeken

    Conical technique when a recipe calls for 2 separate dry hops

    I'm planning to brew an IPA and the recipe calls for 2 separate dry hop additions. The first dry hop added at high krausen for 5 days and the second dry hop added after FG is reached for 3 days. No overlap of the two dry hops. My question is how best to remove the first dry hop material prior...
  6. yorkeken

    Rust on the NPT threads... normal or not?

    I relocated a temperature probe on my K-Rims system and had to disassemble several parts on my Spike BK & MT. I noticed what appeared to be rust/staining on the threads inside some of the NPT couplings. Unfortunately, I didn't capture a picture before putting everything back together. There...
  7. yorkeken

    Spike CF5 fermenter review

    I finally got to use my newly purchased CF5 conical. I currently brew using Spike’s mash tun and boil kettle for my 2-kettle RIMS system. Here are my thoughts; 1. All components arrived nicely packaged and are beautifully manufactured, highly polished, and the quality of the material and the...
  8. yorkeken

    Connecticut Misc. brew equipment for sale

    Everything you see here... 10 gallon Mega Pot 1.2 Dark Star burner Big Mouth Bubbler set (6.5 & 5 gal.) + additional 2 hole lid Copper Head immersion chiller SS false bottom Sparge arm Italian 6 gal. glass carboy Brew hauler zipper jacket for carboy Carboy handle Large auto syphon...
  9. yorkeken

    EZ Water calculator question

    I have changed my brewing system to a K-RIMS system where I recirculate the total volume of water for the batch through the mash. In the EZ Water volume section, should I un-select the "adjusting sparge water" boxes and enter the entire water volume in the "mash water" section and enter "0" in...
  10. yorkeken

    EZ Water Calculator & RIMS

    I have transitioned to a 2 vessel RIMS system. Using the EZ Water (or similar) calculator, should I now enter the TOTAL water volume in the "mash" section and enter 0 for the sparge water? I want to make sure my salt additions are correct.
  11. yorkeken

    Frozen yeast bank question

    I'm embarking on starting a frozen yeast bank by over growing my next starter. I've combed the internet and have seen most of the articles and videos so I think I'm comfortable with the process. I have a couple of unanswered questions though. 1. How do you calculate yeast viability (%) over...
  12. yorkeken

    Yeast starter FG question

    I am embarking on my first attempt at a yeast starter. 1.6 liter starter volume, OG of 1.040 Erlenmeyer 2 liter flask Stir plate 70 degree +/-environment The starter has been on the stir plate now for 36 hrs. now. Just took a gravity reading 1.020. Do I still need more time or is...
  13. yorkeken

    My $13.15 solution to avoid blowing into my siphon starter.

    Even with the supplied mouth filter, it just didn't seem right blowing air into the carboy so I purchased this blood pressure bulb/pump. The barb fits perfectly snug inside the cap tube. Now it's time to etch/calibrate the glass and ready myself for brew day. 👍
  14. yorkeken

    Paint strainer in bottling bucket question

    Just embarking on my first brew and very excited. Getting ready to siphon from the secondary fermentor to the 5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot. Would it be ok to insert a sanitized Home Depot 5 gallon NYLON paint strainer FULLY INSIDE the bottling bucket and siphon carefully, making...