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  1. WannaB1

    Repurpose Commercial Cooler with Window Unit?

    I see these nice looking commercial coolers with bad compressors for sale all the time. From what I can find they just aren't worth repairing, hence why they are always for sale. I've looked and looked but didn't turn up anything, I was curious if anyone has cut an opening for a small window...
  2. WannaB1

    Time for a New All-In-One Brewing System

    My 3-year-old 120V Grainfather Connect finally melted the controller plug. I was already contemplating the Grainfather G70 but apparently, there are some issues that they seem unable to fix? I know I want to go 220V I love simplicity and the easier they are to clean the better 5.5 and 11 gallon...