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  1. MTBbrewer

    Seltzer Water Questions

    I have started carbonating some water in a 2.5gal keg. It is in my keezer set at 25lbs, and temp is 36 degrees F. Hopefully that is good for the carbonation, but if not please let me know. I have two questions: How long will it take to carbonate, and how much beverage line should I use? The...
  2. MTBbrewer

    Clone Needed

    Does anybody know of a clone for Founders Blushing Monk? I love the tartness and sweetness of this beer.
  3. MTBbrewer

    Private Well Water Results

    I just purchased a house that is on a private well. I have never had a well before, so it is all new to me. Below are the results I got from a sample I sent to Ward Laboratories. This is straight from the well with no filtering or adjustment of any kind. How good is this for brewing? Do I need...
  4. MTBbrewer

    Alcohol By Volume?

    How do you figure your ABV when you add fruit into the secondary? OG was 1.068 and FG was 1.009 so I know I have at least 7.74%, but if the added sugar in the fruit ferments then there is no way to compute. Does anyone know a way, or is it just a guess?
  5. MTBbrewer

    WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix (80-85 degrees)

    White labs suggest fermenting this yeast at 80 to 85 degrees. Has anyone ever done this? If you have, did it seriously blow out of the blow off tube?
  6. MTBbrewer

    All Brett Fermentation

    Has anyone ever fermented with all Brett? I am making a Sour Belgian Blonde that uses all Brett. I am using WLP645 Brettanomyces Claussenii in the primary for a 5 gallon batch. OG 1.060 to 1.065 Will I need a yeast starter if so how big?
  7. MTBbrewer

    Wyeast #3787 not starting

    I sure this has been asked before, but here we go. I brewed a Dubble on Sunday that was 1.081 and pitched the yeast when the wort was 71 degrees. I used Wyeast #3787 Trappist High Gravity. I did not make a starter I just smacked the pack 4 or 5 hours before pitching it. It was 7 months past the...
  8. MTBbrewer

    Motorized Grain Mill

    How do i connect my pulley to my Barley Crusher? The pulley i am going to use has a 1" bore, and the Barley Crusher has a 3/8" (I think). Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.
  9. MTBbrewer

    Mash Tun for All Grain Test Batches

    Has anyone built a small mash turn for all grain test batches. I have been tinkering with test batches so I don't spend too much money on what could be a bad recipe. I was thinking I need something about 3gal in size too hold the grain and water. I shoot for 2gal in the pot, so I can end up with...
  10. MTBbrewer

    Adjust pH for Strike water of in Mash?

    Just qurious what most people do. Should I adjust the pH of my water before I start so I will have it for my strike and sparge? Or shold I adjust it in the mash? I have been having some water issues with my tap water, so I am going to try 100% RO water next.
  11. MTBbrewer

    Glacier Water Dispenser

    Has anyone ever used the Reverse Osmosis water you can get from the Glacier Water dispensing machines for brewing? I was wondering what the ph of that water was. Does it just depend on the water source they get it from, or do they adjust for ph?
  12. MTBbrewer

    Acidic/sour taste?

    I never had this problem until I started all grain. My brews have this acidic/sour taste to them. Some are stronger than others. The only changes that I can think of in my brewing process are that I went to a larger boiling pot that is aluminum instead of stainless, and I use a large plastic...
  13. MTBbrewer

    Which Freezer?

    I am trying to decide if I should make my keezer out of a large upright freezer or a chest freezer. Does anyone have pros and cons on either option?
  14. MTBbrewer

    Camp Chef 2 burner stove High/Low burners

    I know talking about btu's has been done on this forum over and over again, but I have a specific question. After reading a lot of the previous forums about btu's I have come to this conclusion, and want to know what y'all think. This burner combo comes with a 30,000 btu, and a 60,000 btu...
  15. MTBbrewer


    I started a batch of Porter two weeks ago. I pitched the liquid White Labs yeast when the wort was still a little to warm. I know that was my first mistake. The yeast was also past the best use date, and I didn't make a starter. That was my second mistake. My third mistake was I only waited 2...