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  1. kingwood-kid

    Yeast Bay Brussels Blend Feedback

    I bought TYB's Brussels Blend based on their description that it would "produce a pronounced barnyard funk with mild acidity and very little fruitiness." It sounded like something a lot of us would want, but I've only been able to find Coff's experience...
  2. kingwood-kid

    What to put in Bourbon Barrel?

    My homebrew club has been gifted with a bourbon barrel. Excluding sours and lagers, what should we put in it? so far, I've come up with the following list, but feel free to add to it, or to tell me why something on it won't work well. Wee Heavy Quad Tripel Imperial Stout Baltic or Robust...
  3. kingwood-kid

    Hoppy Berliner?

    I understand that Berliners typically have few if any hops, since IBUs are bad for lacto. But it seems like the fruitiness of late hops would mesh well with the sourness of a Berliner. My plan is to brew a hopless berliner, sour it, pasteurize to kill the lacto and do a hopstand at the end of...
  4. kingwood-kid

    Target hops

    I bought a lb of old target hops on a whim and on clearance. I know they can be used for bittering, but that is true of all hops. Anybody have any suggestions, experience, tales of woe?
  5. kingwood-kid

    Dank CDA-ish help

    The goal is to brew a beer vaguely reminiscent of magic brownies. I'm not going to use the real magic ingredient, just hops that give the illusion. It's like the David Copperfield of CDAs. I'm more interested in meeting my taste objectives than with meeting any particular set of style...
  6. kingwood-kid

    Calypso Saison?

    I picked up WL585 Saison III, WY3724 Farmhouse ale, and 2 oz of Calypso hops, none of which I have ever used before. I'm currently planning to use the hops in a batch of Saison that I'll split between the yeasts. Let me know what changes you'd make to my plan, or if you'd just abort all...
  7. kingwood-kid

    Rye Stout on Oak

    3 2-row 3 rye .75 dark chocolate malt 1 oat flakes .25 black patent .5ish rice hulls .5 magnum 40 minutes 1 crystal flameout 1.5oz medium toast oak cubes added after 10 days. Smooth. Great mouthfeel. Hints of coffee and spice. Absolutely no head whatsoever. Better with a little...
  8. kingwood-kid

    Intrepid IPA (British)

    Recipe is for 4 Gallons. If you absolutely must have 5 gallons, multiply everything by 1.25. 9lb Maris Otter (70% efficiency, YMMV) 1oz willamette 55 minutes 2oz Bramling Cross 10 minutes 1oz ekg 1o minutes 2oz Bramling Cross Post-boil (see below) 1oz ekg Post-Boil Beer received rave...
  9. kingwood-kid

    1 oz of Simcoe-What to brew?

    My LHBS had only 1oz of Simcoe in stock, which I bought. Any ideas for what to brew with it? I'm not committed to 5 gal, so feel free to pretend as though I have 2 or 3 oz. My other hops are Chinook. Columbus, Magnum, Crystal, Willamette, Apollo & Cascade. I'm happy with general suggestions as...
  10. kingwood-kid

    Wy1335-Any Ideas?

    I have a smackpack of WY1335 British Ale II (aka WLP026) in my fridge, slowly declining in its viability. Yes I will make a starter. Does anybody have any recommendations for what and how (temps, times, etc...) to brew with this yeast? Yooper said it was fantastic in her Oatmeal Stout. So I...
  11. kingwood-kid

    Citrus peel for bittering?

    I 've read that using the zest of citrus will give you citrus oils, and to never use the pith, as it is very bitter. But then I thought that citrus + bitter =american hops. Can I use the pith as a sub for bittering hops, or is it a different type of bitterness? If I could do this, does anyone...