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  1. harleybug88

    Your "Go To" Beer?

    What commerical beer do you drink when you're out of homebrew?
  2. harleybug88

    School bus memories.

    What was your experience, ( good or bad ) riding the school bus as a kid?
  3. harleybug88

    Healthy choice

    I think I'll have a salad for breakfast.
  4. harleybug88

    Pet peeves.

    We all have them. What's your biggest pet peeve?
  5. harleybug88

    Remember when.

    Who remembers these?
  6. harleybug88

    A response from a school bus driver when ask what he does on his down time.

    id do other things, but id always be drinking beer. come home, maybe work on the motorcycle? need a beer for that. do some yard work? may as well have a beer too! get some lunch? may as well go somewhere that has beer! there are very few activities that you could do, that cant be improved by...
  7. harleybug88

    I didn't win the lotto.

    If you won a one hundred million thousand dollars lotto, would you still homebrew?
  8. harleybug88

    Little known facts about beer.

    Beer is good. Beer is wonderful. It's also good for our bones, and other things too.
  9. harleybug88

    I remember

    That one time I was so drunk that I ......
  10. harleybug88

    Zippo lighters

    I finally quit smoking 15 months ago, I haven't cheated and I'm never going back. After doing fireworks last night and needing a lighter. I discovered that I miss my Zippo lighter more than smoking. The feel of it and the sound it made when you flicked it open and closed it. The Bic...
  11. harleybug88

    I've used one

    They were easy to use. Even if you had a three on a tree, or a four on the floor.
  12. harleybug88

    What the heck fun facts.

    How come Colonel is not spelled kernel?
  13. harleybug88

    Is beer the best invention ever?

    What do you think was the best invention ever invented?
  14. harleybug88

    Young and dumb

    I'm assuming most of here drank and partied when we were young. So, my question is. What's the craziest thing you ever did in your youth? Be it fighting, getting arrested, pulling pranks or just doing something really dumb and embarrassing. Come on, be honest.
  15. harleybug88


    What's the funniest prank you have ever pulled off?
  16. harleybug88

    Pig out food

    OK, I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but after drinkin, sometimes I crave junk food. I know that alcoholic drinks can impair my judgment. So My question is, what is your late night, being drunk, don't give a **** favorite food?
  17. harleybug88

    Damn Fruit Flies

    Well, it finally happened. I bottled a 5 Gal. batch yesterday and when I finished, I took off the top of the bottling bucket ( had it on loose ) and saw a dead fruit fly in the last bit of leftover beer. I did some research today on the "Little Bastards" and found something interesting. They...