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  1. fatherbigfoot

    My keezer

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend I'm a huge Michigan state fan. Nice build
  2. fatherbigfoot

    BeerSmith Mobile Full Coming Soon

    It's a really nice program it's nice to be able to take your tablet to the Homebrew store make changes to your recipe as you buy ingredients as well as be able to take digital notes on your iPad while you are brewing.
  3. fatherbigfoot

    Stc 1000 question !

    Also try a new outlet maybe the one u have is bad
  4. fatherbigfoot

    Stc 1000 question !

    The diagram is correct. The display is working correct? Pictures might help
  5. fatherbigfoot

    Free George Killians Pint Glasses

    Disappointing found the email in my spam folder that they ran out no glass for me
  6. fatherbigfoot

    What to use to control Ferm Temps???

    I have an old fridge I got from a friend for free I then built a two stage temp controller stc 1000 only cost about 20 bucks on amazon.I plug the refrigerator into the cooling stage and a small space heater I got off amazon for about 11 bucks. I tape the temp probe to the side of the fermenter...
  7. fatherbigfoot

    Anybody up for a riddle?

    Fill the five gallon jug then dump it into the three gallon jug you will have two gallons left in the five gallon jug do this twice and you will have exactly four gallons
  8. fatherbigfoot

    What did Santa bring you?

    I was just wondering what everyone got for Christmas that was home brewing related this year? I got a 5000 ml flask, hop candy beer taffy and oatmeal stout soap.
  9. fatherbigfoot

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Went on a work hunting trip last last week they mailed me the birds
  10. fatherbigfoot

    What came in the mail for you today?

    10 ducks 4 peasants and a goose
  11. fatherbigfoot

    1st accidental mini-mash raises questions

    DME is more concentrated so you need to use less it also is less susceptible to oxidation and darkening over time. I personally prefer DME.
  12. fatherbigfoot

    First time use of stir plate

    I hold the second rare earth magnet that I pulled out of the hard drive to the neck of my flask when I pitch stir bar slides to the neck stops and the yeast keeps going
  13. fatherbigfoot

    Anyone use this ebay refractometer?

    I have been using this one for almost two years love it no problems to date
  14. fatherbigfoot

    What are you drinking now?

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in cans out of a Sam Adams glass
  15. fatherbigfoot

    Show us your DIY stir plate!

    Kind of awesome
  16. fatherbigfoot

    What commercial beers are in your 'fridge?

    Brewery vivant- solitude Founders - 2011, 2012 KBS, 2012 better half Sierra Nevada- 2012 Bigfoot Rodenbac- grand cru Stone - vertical epic 11/11/11 Avery- RIS
  17. fatherbigfoot

    What are you drinking now?

    Homemade American brown ale
  18. fatherbigfoot

    One Barrel Brewery

    It's a thing of beauty