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  1. BeardedBrews

    Dear Alabama, <sigh>

    Imagine living in a state where a reasonably active brew shed is considered " definitely one of the biggest operations we’ve seen in our county and possibly our state". I feel like I've seen kits that size on...
  2. BeardedBrews

    BrewCommander - Impressive offering from John

    I'm not sure if the pricing varies by output option (edit - it looks like the system ships ready for all three common outputs 120v20a / 240v30a / Gas), but the page lists $375 for a pretty sexy 240v 30a controller. Clean attractive builds...
  3. BeardedBrews

    I'm a Fuse Believer.

    Ok HBT, I was wrong, you were right, I should have never doubted you. Today I went to do a test in my panel and had my volt meter on the wrong setting. I arced the 120v inputs on the back of my Auber controller and the display immediately went black. After about 15 seconds of sighing...
  4. BeardedBrews

    BIAB - Controller ReBuild 240/25A

    After delaying a bit to make sure I knew what I wanted medium-long term from my controller I have settled on a feature set pretty similar to the commercial units but opted for some budget components to reduce cost where appropriate while maintaining aesthetics and safety...
  5. BeardedBrews

    Spunding Questions

    Hey LoDo pros, I have a series questions on the packaging side of the process that I'd like to clear up. I BIAB and generally transfer a fair quantity of sediment and trub into the carboy. This means that a cold crash is greatly helpful for transferring clear beer without clogs, and I am not...
  6. BeardedBrews

    Now I can, but should I?

    I am finally comfortable enough with my ability to step and hold mash temperature in my 15g BIABasket kettle. Obviously my first thought is "Hooooooray! Time for an 8 hour multi-step mash-a-palooza!!" The question I have is, should I? =36']There is no shortage of curiosity around step mashing...
  7. BeardedBrews

    Terminal Block Usage

    Quick regarding the typical paired connector terminal blocks. Is it generally required that each block house only one branch (L1, L2, G, N), or is it reasonable to use half of the block for one branch and half for the other? Similarly, is it considered acceptable to double spade (or ring)...
  8. BeardedBrews

    System Upgrade - Bayou Arbor TC and EZboil

    Thanks to everyone here, I finally made up my mind on some brewing upgrades I've wanted basically since I built my eKeg. In particular @The_Bishop for the help on basket and confirmation on controller. I found a 62qt Bayou on Amazon warehouse for $65 which triggered the whole upgrade cycle. I...
  9. BeardedBrews

    eBIAB Panel Layout

    Well HBT I'm finally going to upgrade my budget build a bit and that will include a new control panel. Does anyone have a layout that they love? Even better, does anyone have changes they'd make if doing theirs again? I'm leaning towards a traditional look (Kal et al) but thought I'd check...
  10. BeardedBrews

    Washington e-Keggle

    Recently upgraded my kettle and now have my original e-Keggle if anyone wants it. Probably 200 gallons of BIAB through it with no issues. Retired keg 5500w straight fold back SS element Potted element housing (jb weld) 4' Dryer cord (3 prong) Brew Hardware true bulkhead with 5/8 dip tube...
  11. BeardedBrews

    1.074 - The Gold Standard

    Well HBT, the science (of my local grocery store) is in! 18 Brix is the human threshold for pleasure. Please adjust your recipes accordingly.
  12. BeardedBrews

    Commercial Stir Plates

    Hey HBT, After frustration with balancing and speed controlling a fan based stir plate I built a small hobby motor version. It worked great until the plastic gear box bit the dust, so I replaced the motor two more times. At this point I think I'm done with DIY for my stir plate needs. Has...
  13. BeardedBrews

    Blichman Beer Gun

    Hey HBT, I spent untold hours debating, researching, shopping, and generally wanting but not buying Blichmann's beer gun. What I kept finding were descriptions of the precise alignment of stars that must be present in order to obtain a clean bottle fill. For the investment price I just...
  14. BeardedBrews

    Small Diameter 360 Nozzle

    Hey HBT, Just wanted to check and see if this was still the cheapest 360 spray pattern nozzle that will fit inside a glass carboy neck: Thanks!
  15. BeardedBrews

    $35 Everything Cleaner

    OK... let's get right to the point: This 880gpm pump is $25 on prime and the outlet is a standard 1/2" thread. Everything else in this post is just a simplified version of the work other people on hbt have done. I just took...
  16. BeardedBrews

    WTB Perlick 525ss X2

    Hey HBT, Does anyone have 525ss they'd be interested in selling? I've got three right now, but I'd like all 5 taps on the kegerator to match. The 630 is close, but not close enough :D -B
  17. BeardedBrews

    Lid Replacement Keezer

    Hey HBT, There are so many great threads on Keezers it almost seems redundant to post mine. That said, I had a hard time finding non-coffin type keezers where the entire lid was replaced. I will come back and add some additional pictures and discussion of the steps, but here are the...
  18. BeardedBrews

    Washington 2-Tap Kegerator with Kegs

    Hey HBT, I've got my Kegerator up on Craigslist but thought I'd drop it in here too. It's been working great for me, but I'm moving to a keezer to upgrade my tap count. Includes: Hotpoint Upright Fridge with freezer for your glasses. 5# CO2 Tank Basic CO2 Regulator Gas Lines and...
  19. BeardedBrews

    Washington Perlick 425 TF - Trades?

    Hey HBT, I have 2x Perlick 425 TF faucets with fresh o-rings that I am interested in trading or selling. I'm aiming to match some newer 525ss so I'd consider a trade for those, or for the 630ss, or I'd sell mine for the cost of a new faucet ($35-40). [Update] I added pictures of the actual...
  20. BeardedBrews

    Refractometer Samples

    Hey Guys, quick question on Refractometer technique for BIAB: Since I am regularly stirring my mash, and generally let hops/trub/break material fly all over my boil, I have a really hard time pulling a refractometer sample that isn't full of chunks. Do you guys have a secret technique for...