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  1. tealsmoke

    Turning your Fermonster into a complete closed transfer system for cheap!

    I'm going to try this concept and have everything on the way. I'm a total newbie and have been absorbing all I can and have built a keezer with eva barrier tubing which I'm out of. I have some 1/4 inch vinyl tubing that is new and wanted to know if it can be used to transfer the beer from FV...
  2. tealsmoke

    FREE TEST for Inkbird PID Temperature Controller Kit

    I would like to try one. Thanks Inkbird !!
  3. tealsmoke

    Happy National Beer Day today!

    Back to ya, I have both glasses raised!!!
  4. tealsmoke

    FAST GIVEAWAY for Inkbird ITC-310T-B Temperature Contrller - Only last for 24 hrs!!

    Count me in. It would great for my fermentation needs!!!
  5. tealsmoke

    Hydrometer floating all the way up

    Yeah I recognized the proof and tralle alcoholmeter you used right of the get go. It happens!!
  6. tealsmoke

    For Sale 4 Tap Coffin Keezer - $700

    Never mind just saw it in the title.
  7. tealsmoke

    For Sale 4 Tap Coffin Keezer - $700

    Nice looking keezer. What are you asking for it? Just curious.
  8. tealsmoke

    First keezer build

    Celging that is a cool looking keezer!! Like others the drip tray idea is really outstanding. may i ask what size pipe and flanges did you use?
  9. tealsmoke

    FREE TEST for Inkbird new product IBS-TH2 temperature sensor

    If there's still time I would like to test it.
  10. tealsmoke

    Garage Sale (SS Hardware / Fittings, Speidel, "Last Straw")

    Interested in the Speidel Gas In Pressure Relief Valve PM sent.
  11. tealsmoke

    50%off discount — Only $10.74 can get one Inkbird waterproof instant read thermometer!

    I would like the code for one of these please. Thanks Inkbird.
  12. tealsmoke

    🔥New Product Giveaway🔥 - Inkbird Infrared Thermometer Gun

    Yeah I couldn't wait for the contest to be over so I ordered one and got it about a week ago and as you said it is pretty slick. I can't keep it out of my hands and see right now that I'll have to stock up on 9v batteries!!
  13. tealsmoke

    Which beer shank for keezer

    Thanks for the replies, I found some where the rear barb will screw off if I decide to use it later.
  14. tealsmoke

    Which beer shank for keezer

    Hi all, I'm in the process of gathering all my equipment to start brewing and wanted to get the keezer done first. I'm going to go with nukatap facets and use the eva barrier tubing with duotight fittings. I will be putting a 2x6 collar on and was wondering which SS shank to use for the...
  15. tealsmoke

    New Product Giveaway🎁 - Inkbird Brewing Heat Mat

    Please count me in. Looks like a great product!!
  16. tealsmoke

    Home Brew Equipment

    Is this still available.