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  1. Rufireproof951

    FastFerment for Sale (California)

    Hey everyone I have a NEW 7.9 gallon fast ferment conical for sale. The conical is brand new and has not been used. I have all necessary items to use right away. I'm getting rid of it due to downsizing my equipment.. I am asking $90.00 OBO. I will ship but shipping will be paid by the...
  2. Rufireproof951

    California Gift byo subscription for sale

    Hey guys its time for me to renew my subscription of byo. I have been sent a free gift subscription for 1 yr. If youre interested we will go 50/50. I think it will be 17 bucks for a hard copy and a digital copy of the magazine. Please pm me asap i do have paypal.
  3. Rufireproof951

    50lb Sealed Bags of Briess Brewers 2-Row for sale

    I've got three bags of Brewers 2-row for sale. I'm selling these for $35.00 per bag or $100.00 for all three. I also have one bag of Great Western 2-Row for sale at $35.00. This is for local pick up in 92545. I do take PayPal but I'll have to add to make up for the fees.
  4. Rufireproof951

    BYO subscription for $17.00

    He guys, I just received my Get Two Brew Your Own Print and Digital subscription. If you want in, PM me the sooner the better. I do have paypal. But you'll have to add a dollar for the charge. Thanks PJ. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  5. Rufireproof951

    California Grolsch-Swing Top Bottles

    Have approx 60-65 green grolsch swing top bottles for sale. Most still have labels on them. These are in perfect condition. None are missing caps or gaskets. I also have several brown swing top bottles that are included. I'm asking $1.25 per bottle or make an offer. I live in the Hemet...
  6. Rufireproof951

    California 25gallon 100qt Stainless steel pots

    Hi All!! I'm selling my brand new 25 gallon stock pots. There are three fittings welded 3/4in double male at the bottom for a ball valve and 3/4in coupler and a 1/2in coupler as well. All are welded. These pots are in great shape. As I have never brewed in them.. I'm selling these to upgrade...
  7. Rufireproof951

    California Ball Lock Corny Kegs/Hemet, CA

    I have 5 five gallon ball lock kegs for sale. They've been used but in great shape. You will need to replace the o rings. They all hold pressure. I have only put beer in these kegs. I'm asking $50.00 or make an offer. Or trade
  8. Rufireproof951

    California 3 Tier Gravity Brew Sculpture(All Steel)

    I have my 3 tier gravity steel sculpture for sale. I have used my brew stand for a couple of years and since move on to bigger batches!! I made this set up from 2x2 in square tubing as the base and 2x4 rectangular tubing.. There are three 16x16 in angle iron bases..
  9. Rufireproof951

    California 6.5 & 5 gallon glass carboys for sale

    Looking to sell my glass carboys.. I have 2 6.5gallon and 3 5gallon. I have measured and placed stickers as seen in the picture. I'm asking 25.00 for the 6.5 and 15.00 for the smaller ones. Also the blue 5 gallon bottles are old arrowhead glass water bottles.. All are clean
  10. Rufireproof951

    California 15.5gal Keggles for sale SoCal/I.E.

    I have three stainless steel 15.5 gallon keggles for sale. The tops have been cut. I will include the SS ball valve and thermometer.. All welds are professionally done and Water tight. I'm asking $140.00 OBO. Any other questions PM.