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  1. lowlife

    Illinois stir plate, immersion chiller, stuff..

    Stir plate and beer gun sold, nice chiller left and then stuff for local pickup.. carboys, burner etc
  2. lowlife

    Illinois stir plate, immersion chiller, stuff..

    wand and regulator sold
  3. lowlife

    Illinois stir plate, immersion chiller, stuff..

    Prices posted, sorry about not including them, you pay for shipping plus item. PM me for details.
  4. lowlife

    Illinois stir plate, immersion chiller, stuff..

    a ten gallon mash tun cooler. Comes with ball valve, probably needs a new stainless filter screen- 10 dollars not shipping, you pick up 5 gallon glass carboy or two - 10 dollars, not shipping, you pick up 6 gallon glass carboy- 15 dollars, not shipping, you pick up 50 foot stainless immersion...
  5. lowlife

    FT:Chicago- 5 gal oak barrel

    Beer gun?
  6. lowlife

    Beer gun and accessories

    Will trade for hop rocket, hop blocker, randall, plate chiller, possibly other things
  7. lowlife

    ft zombie dust or artic panzer wolf.

    Iso heady topper or pliny, maybe alesmith ipa. Both of my beers are fresh bottled a couple days ago from three floyds.
  8. lowlife

    Brewery near Rosemont, IL?

    Ram is ok, I like revolution. Right now my preference is the half acre tap room. I like hop leaf for a bar as well, good beer and Duck Ruebens!
  9. lowlife

    No fermentation

    room temp is too cool maybe?
  10. lowlife

    I can't stand Nitrogen

    I hate nitro served beers as well. Stouts, ipas, whatever... If you want to ruin it put it on nitro.
  11. lowlife

    5000 mL Erlenmeyer Flask

    I just saw several on ebay for 75 plus shipping. Not too bad.
  12. lowlife

    Exploding Ball Lcok Fitting

    So that probably explains it. I just used mine for the first time over the weekend and wondered if I was doing it right (even though I did have directions still :) )
  13. lowlife

    Exploding Ball Lcok Fitting

    Did you have the fitting on the keg while doing this? It specifically states on the charger package they can explode if it isn't attached to the keg when you screw it on is why I ask.
  14. lowlife

    Hops not there

    Yes it will taste more bitter when the sugar has fermented out
  15. lowlife

    How do you explain beer and your hobby to your children?

    My son is 4. He understands what the difference between mashing at a low temperature and a high temperature will produce. There is nothing wrong with them knowing about it. My son stirs the mash takes temps and adds hops.
  16. lowlife

    What are you drinking now?

    Bomber of artic panzer wolf. Galaxy hero up next. Damn I love the beer in Chicago!
  17. lowlife

    Hops Availability

    Should be able to buy them anywhere
  18. lowlife

    whats important to you in a homebrew store?

    All I want is cheap supplies that are readily available. Grandma could sell it to me for all I care.
  19. lowlife

    Forgot to add mini mash to boil!

    So unboiled wort added to your cooled wort? Lacto would be my first guess.
  20. lowlife

    Group Buy in Chicago #8

    So.... Now that I have a stack of sacks in the basement of grain I ask myself how to store it. Does anyone have a line on plastic barrels?