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  1. kingwood-kid

    Yeast starter with Dry Yeast during quarantine

    I would make a starter so that you can pitch half and save half. You may be housebound for longer than we all hope, and a starter will likely give you better yeast than harvesting from a high-ABV beer.
  2. kingwood-kid

    anyone got a recipe for a real working man's beer

    Clearly, this beer can't be made by or for a retiree, someone who's unemployed, or one of those damn trust fund kids, and probably not even a student working part-time.
  3. kingwood-kid

    Maybe the ABInBev haters can let up

    I'm probably reading the comments incorrectly, but it sounds like a few of you think saving lives is less important than fair allotment of shelf space for a non-essential product.
  4. kingwood-kid

    Hmm Toasted Sugar - Dry Caramelization

    I think I was supposed to update this. I made a dubbel with .25 each Special B and Chocolate malt and 2 lbs of toasted sugar. It's quite tasty, but it lacks the depth of flavor you get from dark candi syrup.
  5. kingwood-kid

    What styles of beer would this water be best for?
  6. kingwood-kid

    How often do you buy beer as a homebrewer?

    I've bought one beer this year, and that was to harvest the yeast dregs at the bottom of the bottle (although the beer was absolutely delicious).
  7. kingwood-kid

    Saaz hops + Belgian yeast = spice and clove?

    I read it, and I'm not trying to be rude although I'm sure I managed it anyway. I just don't get why you thought a saison yeast + saaz wouldn't taste like clove and cinnamon. Google saaz and it says "earthy, herbal, spicy." White Labs' description of the Dupont strain is "earthy, peppery, and...
  8. kingwood-kid

    Saaz hops + Belgian yeast = spice and clove?

    You tried to make an Altbier with Dupont yeast? And you think the hops are the problem?
  9. kingwood-kid

    Re-pitch different strain, why?

    For that recipe, I have no idea. If it's in secondary, I could see using one yeast for flavor and the second to insure fermentation gets to the preferred dryness. For priming, people will often use a yeast that is low-attenuating (so it only eats the priming sugar and doesn't overcarbonate), a...
  10. kingwood-kid

    Alternate to Wyeast 1318 for DIPA

    I use 1318 a lot, and I usually get pretty good attenuation, but in my experience it's more sensitive to variations in fermentability than a lot of other yeasts. You could try mashing for an extra 30 minutes. If you normally mash out, just skip that step and you'll be fine, the malt enzymes will...
  11. kingwood-kid

    Whirlpool @170 bitterness?

    Scientifically speaking, I have no idea how much bitterness hopstands and dry-hops contribute, my best guess being "some, not a lot." That having been said, I don't have much more faith in the accuracy of IBU calculators, and agree that IBU is a number that fails to address your preference, any...
  12. kingwood-kid

    Hop Shot (soup can size)

    I bought the Yakima Valley can awhile back. It's not really soupcan sized, more like cat food can. I find it doesn't deliver near the bitterness the formula indicates (unless this is that "soft bitterness" I keep reading about), so I try to get about half my IBUs from a traditional 60 minute...
  13. kingwood-kid

    Hmm Toasted Sugar - Dry Caramelization

    Big Belgian is still the plan, although the ESB route has promise as well. I'm okay with it not being part of a BJCP defined style; something that straddles dubbel and tripel is ok by me. I'm just hoping that it all comes together nicely. I was just wondering what your taste impressions were...
  14. kingwood-kid

    Hmm Toasted Sugar - Dry Caramelization

    Mine was pretty caramelly. It was nowhere near as sweet as I toasted sugar, but it was still sweet enough to obscure much else, although obviously that will change during fermentation. I was planning on putting this in a big Belgian instead of candi syrup.
  15. kingwood-kid

    Hmm Toasted Sugar - Dry Caramelization

    Any updates on the flavor? I toasted up 4lbs last night, and I'm looking for some inspiration.
  16. kingwood-kid

    Thoughts on Lemon IPA

    I'd look up the grapefruit IPA recipes and use them as a guide. Zest would help you out a lot, but lemon juice doesn't seem like it'd add much other than acidity.
  17. kingwood-kid

    Infected, but I want to embrace the funk.

    If you want sour, as in tart and acidic, add something with pedio, whether that's a lab blend like Rosealare, or dregs of a commercial beer. Some maltodextrin would probably help, but there should be plenty of sugar left. The problem is that pedio will have a hard time growing in a beer as hoppy...
  18. kingwood-kid

    Decent Sour Beer with Malt Extract

    Most of my spurs are 100% 2-row, although sometimes I add oats. I think that the grain bill is not that important for these types of beers. I'm sure extract will be fine. The mix of microbes you add is the biggest factor in the beer. You just have to give them time and keep out oxygen while they...
  19. kingwood-kid

    Not impressed by WLP530

    If you want more clove, try mashing with a ferulic acid rest at 110F before your main mash rest at 150ish.