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  1. SuchSweetThunder

    Will this flavor go away with lagering?

    I brewed a schwarzbier-like beer with Wyeast California Lager. I got a pretty old pack of yeast, but built up a starter to pitch at the correct level. The beer fermented to where it should have; I fermented in the mid-60s, keeping it as cool as I could. I just moved to lager and it has what I...
  2. SuchSweetThunder

    Recipe Critique: stone-ish IPA

    I'm planning a big-ish IPA to brew the end of this month. I've never made an IPA in bigger than a 2 gallon batch--this will be 5 gallons. As such, I'm hoping to get some input to improve the end product. Here's what I've got (using Brewer's friend, 70% expected efficiency, full-volume BIAB)...
  3. SuchSweetThunder

    What size socket attachment

    I have a couple of used kegs with sticky posts. I have a socket wrench set, but none of the attachment are deep enough to get down to the threading, if that makes sense. They seem to be typical ball-lock kegs. My normal wrench has been fine until now, but this might need a socket. Thanks!
  4. SuchSweetThunder

    Free Extract Sour Recipe Input

    While shopping at Northern Brewer a few weeks ago I received a free dry stout extract kit. Unfortunately I already have 5 gallons of stout done and it's getting too warm here for more stout, so I'm thinking of repurposing the LME and making a Brett lambicus Saison (like Katy from 2nd Shift...
  5. SuchSweetThunder

    First lager question

    Hello all, I have my first all-grain pilsner lagering as I type. I am wondering about the post-lagering stage. I plan to keg the batch, but due to fridge space maybe not have it on tap for a bit. Is it ok to keep it in a keg closer to room temperature after lagering, or should I keep it cold...
  6. SuchSweetThunder

    Help with Hops

    I'm confused on the designation of "flavor" versus "aroma" hops. I've been trying to do late-hop bursting to get maximal flavor/aroma with less bitterness, but my last few beers have turned out dull in the flavor department. I've added tons of hops in the last 15 minutes (15 min, 10 min, 5 min...
  7. SuchSweetThunder


    I've got 5 gallons of Orange Blossom Mead in Secondary--Tasting pretty good at 2 months old, but definitely room to mature. I have never aged a mead on oak before, but I now have American medium-toast oak cubes from my sour-beer excursions. How long should I keep the mead on oak? I know oak...
  8. SuchSweetThunder

    Greek Yogurt Sour?

    Hello all, I'm new to Homebrewtalk as a poster but I've been coming here for information since I started brewing 2 years ago. I just picked up the new "American Sour Beers" book and am eager to try my hand at a sour. I've got everything around the house I need except...yeast/bacteria. Has...