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  1. two_hearted

    Any use for this sanitizer/cleaner in brewing?

    I found some extra tubs of this. Any reason I should hold onto it for brewing? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  2. two_hearted

    Sour Swap #3: Funkadelic

    This is a Sour/Wild beer swap only! Consider local/regional beers if you have access, but there are no firm limitations on what you can send other than it must be a sour/wild beer. Here are the rules for the swap - Total volume minimum is 88 oz of sour beer. -Sour beer only. These beers...
  3. two_hearted

    Turbid Mash - Is it worth it

    There's probably a few threads like this out there, but the search function on this site is so terrible I couldn't turn anything up. Is it worth the extra effort and time?
  4. two_hearted

    Good Breweries off of I-70 between Ohio and Denver

    Hey everybody. Like the title says, I'll be driving from Ohio to Denver this week on I-70 and I am always in search of good beer. I'm not looking to go drinking because I'll be driving obviously, but I definitely want to pick up some goodies along the way. I'll probably swing by Boulevard...
  5. two_hearted

    Sour Swap #2

    This is a Sour/Wild beer swap only! There are no local or regional requirements on this one. Just grab some sours that you personally think are tasty and share the love. Here are the rules for the swap - Total volume minimum is 60 oz of sour beer. -Sour beer only. These beers should have...
  6. two_hearted

    Blichmann Thrumometer and high temps

    Does anyone out there use the thrumometer? I see that it can't withstand temps above 140F. I bought one and intend to use it along with my plate chiller. However, I usually pump some boiling wort through my hoses and chiller to sanitize everything for the last 5 minutes or so of my boil...
  7. two_hearted

    Secret Santa Sour Swap

    This is a Sour Beer swap only! To join, you must have access to local/regional sour beer producers. I realize not everyone will be able to join because of this, but that is why this is a small offshoot of TheMan’s swap-o-rama. For a more inclusive swap, stay tuned for the swap-o-rama 6...
  8. two_hearted

    DC Area - Where to eat/drink

    Hey everybody. I'll be in the DC/College Park area until Sunday this week for a conference. What are some good beer and food spots that I should look for? Any tips appreciated. I love trying all sorts of food and I love checking out new breweries.
  9. two_hearted

    Mobile 4-tap kegerator (auction find)

    This looks to me like a rolling 4-tap kegerator. I assume you could fit 4 pinlock kegs inside this thing? current bid is a $7... I don't think I want to buy it, but I thought it might spark some interesting thoughts here. If anyone in the Cincinnati area is interested I can post the...
  10. two_hearted

    Finally built a brew stand

    She ain't much, but she's mine. brewed a Shakespeare stout on it today for the first time and it handled like a dream. The chugger worked great and I love using keggles.
  11. two_hearted

    SS table brewstand conversion

    I recently picked up this SS table at an auction and was thinking about using it as a brew stand. Basically, my new keggles won't fit on my turkey fryer. Any advice on how to attach a couple propane burners to this? Anyone done something like this before?
  12. two_hearted

    What's hidin' under that brisket?

    Beans! Its beans... Cranberry beans, onions, red pepper, Anaheim chiles, garlic, salt, pepper and love... oh yeah and brisket drippings. Nothing like smoking meat and enjoying a few Dale's Pale Ale tallboys.
  13. two_hearted

    Water Report Opinions (Ward Labs)

    Hi everyone. Water is one of those things that I have a hard time wrapping my brain around. I've read the stickies and some Palmer, but I just thought I would solicit some feedback here. Nothing seems to stick out to me as bad or worrisome, but if you guys see anything that I should take note...
  14. two_hearted

    Other DIY Forums you use

    Hey gang, As a new homeowner and newlywed this year, I have some projects ahead of me. I want to do some (possibly brewing related) plumbing and electrical work in my basement/garage and need some good info like HBT provides for brewing. Where do you go for advice? I know there are a lot of...
  15. two_hearted

    12 hours in LA

    I have a 12 hour layover in LA tomorrow on my way home from New Zealand. What should I do/where should I go? Any suggestions?
  16. two_hearted

    AB Inbev employee does AMA "Ask Me Anything" Great read!

    If you're unfamiliar with Reddit or AMAs, its basically a very candid Q&A with an AB Inbev employee (presumably a brewer) Edit: He's a brewing scientist. Interesting info on views of craft beer, homebrewing, scaling up production. Definitely worth a read...
  17. two_hearted

    Going to Denver for one day. Where to eat/drink?

    Like the title says. I'll be in Denver for a day/night with some friends and I am looking for some info on where to go for dinner and beers. I like breweries and good food (not necessarily stuffy/pricey food). Where do you Colorado types like to hangout?
  18. two_hearted

    Show us your pepper mill

    I love pepper mills and I have a sneaking suspicion hat some of you guys have some interesting ones. Show 'em off here! I'll go first.
  19. two_hearted

    For those who have used Mosaic

    I picked up a couple ounces and plan on using them in a pale ale. What do they play well with? Better in the kettle or as a dry hop? I have amarillo, centennial, columbus, cascade, summit, citra, simcoe (maybe) that I could put in the mix.
  20. two_hearted

    Jurassic Park re-release

    Hey Guys, I thought I would share for all of those JP fans out there. "To accompany the theatrical re-release of Jurassic Park in 3D this summer, the soundtrack has undergone a massive remix as well."