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  1. cheesecake

    Illinois New Brew setup sellout

    well the time has come to unload some brew stuff with the excitement of new stuff. Pictures can be found CLICK FOR PICTURES Bayou classic 1064 16 gallon kettle with brew bag. brewed 3 batches with the brew bag and this kettle its a awesome BIAB combo $100 avantco ic3500...
  2. cheesecake

    Fs auber 2352 PID

    Used for about 10 batches. Works great. A little wear on up and down buttons (first pid lots of learning and button pressing) looking to get 35 shipped for it
  3. cheesecake

    Is this boil strong enough?

    Im not sure my boil is strong enough with my new setup. what do you guys think Sorry for the barking dog
  4. cheesecake

    Licking Lab Pale Ale

    Grain Bill 5 lbs Briess 2-Row Brewer's Malt 5 lbs Crisp Maris Otter 8 ozBriess 2 Row Caramel 60 Mash Single infusion mash. 152F for 60 minutes. batch sparge with 168F water Boil & Hops 0.50 oz Centennial [10.00 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 4 15.9 IBUs 0.25 oz Cascade [5.50 %] -...
  5. cheesecake

    Grommets for Airlock

    Well i made a mistake and my mistake is your gain. I placed a order for some grommets and some how ordered a ton more then i need. Some how managed to place 2 orders within seconds of each other. These fit perfect in the ale pail Lids or buy cheaper buckets and drill your own holes in them for...
  6. cheesecake

    2 Gallon Mash Tun For partial mash or for small batches.

    Im selling my 2 gallon mash tun because im not going to be needing it anymore when i finish my 2.5 gallon biab Setup. I have used it twice since making it and it works great. It is a 2 gallon cooler with ball valve and a stainless braid inside. Asking price is 30+ actual shipping.
  7. cheesecake

    Looking for good 5-6 gallon stainless stock pot

    Well its time to downgrade my equipment to do smaller all grain batches. im looking for a 5-6 gallon stock pot to add a element to to make it electric. So i can brew 2.5 - 3 gallon all grain batches. I haven't been able to find sturdy 5 gallon pots locally. Im wondering what you have? and how...
  8. cheesecake

    Direc TV

    Ok im sick of paying comcast ridiculous prices for tv and internet. I have the internet part covered but now i need to figure out what im going to do with the TV. who has direc tv. what do you like about it? and what do you dislike about it?
  9. cheesecake

    Finished my keezer woohooo

    Well this has been a project for a while now that i was slowly working on. It was a woods 5cf chest freezer with the 1/4 hump that i found in a vacant apartment at work that was left behind. It was pretty beat up but worked great. I tried to paint it black with black appliance paint but when...
  10. cheesecake

    F/S Mr Beer premium edition beer kit with 2 extra fermenters

    Premium Edition Everything you need to brew/bottle 1 batch of great tasting beer. Included: 1 Fermenter (2 GAL) 1 Standard Booster™ Refill 8 Bottles with Caps 8 Labels 1 Brewer's Guide 1 Instructions Also included is 2 extra fermenters with locking spigots and bottling wands...
  11. cheesecake

    F/S Foodsaver vac 900

    I have a used foodsaver vac 900 that i am selling. i have 2 foodsavers so 1 has to go. Looking to get 35 shipped for it. im located in chicago area so if pick up works better we can figure something out.
  12. cheesecake

    Stuff for sale chicagoland area

    time to sell all my home brew stuff. lost interest in it and have some stuff that needs to go Here is a list Beer kits. $20 each includes yeast 1 amber ale beer kits from ahs 2 ahs wit kits 1 ahs dunkelweizen kits Pm me if you need more info....Pickup preferred
  13. cheesecake

    Im doing the american cancer society walk and roll

    Well last year my girlfriend did the walk and roll so this year i decided i should do it to help those with cancer by participating in the event. I created a team page for my co workers and i that are participating. now here is where you come in were looking for donations for the event. if you...
  14. cheesecake

    wanted: Mr beer fermenters pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee

    Im losing my brew room so i must downsize to smaller batches so im looking for some mr beer fermenters......let me know what you have you can pm me and i will respond Thanks in advance
  15. cheesecake

    240 30 amp GFI cord for electric brewery

    SOLD I bought this and never used it. and had a gfi installed in the box so i no longer need this. Looking to get 75 shipped for it. Paypal is preferred. you can post here, pm me or email me at cheesecake2008(at)
  16. cheesecake

    Basic 1 dme recipe anyone have one

    I have a bag of golden light extract. ive been making a cream ale with that and dextrose but i ran out of dextrose and dont have time to go to the brew store but i need to brew a batch of beer for my uncle. has anyone ever just used dme and hops to brew a basic ale....every recipe i find has a...
  17. cheesecake

    I've lost the urge....

    This sucks ive completely lost the urge to brew.....why i love brewing i love drinking the beer i brew but i just cant stand getting everything out and cleaning up....I dont know. i was thinking of selling out but who knows.
  18. cheesecake

    To all those on facebook i need help PLEASE...........

    Ok the community im living in is running a competition to see who can get the most referrals and the winner gets the use of the club house and swimming pool for a day to host a party or event. so im in this contest im sitting in 2nd down by like 20-30 as i can see so what im asking is for people...
  19. cheesecake

    Must try beer list

    Well im looking to make a list of beers i need to try. if anyone has any input on beers you would recommend someone to try post them in this thread.I plan on going to binnys beverage depot later today and picking up a couple to start with. So any input is appreciated. thanks so far on the...