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  1. Beerdrinker85

    How to get a sour/acidic aftertaste in IPA

    My last 18 batchs of AllGrain was all IPA/NEIPA. I'm a hophead and I like it :) I tried us05, s-04, TYB Vermont Ale, WY1318, wlp001, WY1450 and WY1156. I am on a journey to find how to produce a sour/ smooth acidic aftertaste from the yeast (I supose) that I got in some IPA/NEIPA. I am not...
  2. Beerdrinker85

    Yeast Vial about to expire

    I have one Vial of Vermont Ale that will expire february 11. I cannot brew until mid march. What kind of starter should I make to get this yeast survive until mid march? 1) Make a 1.035 gravity 0.5L starter in a 2L flask with stir plate that should bring the starter to about 120billion cells...
  3. Beerdrinker85

    Repitch Yeast Slurry after 2 High Gravity

    I brewed an IPA 1 month ago, OG 1.065 that finished to 1.008 FG @ ABV 7,48% with 2 pkgs of rehydrated US-05. 3 weeks in my SS Chronical 7gal and I got great yeast from the dump valve that was well decanted and stayed in the jar for 1 week in my fridge. This Sunday, I brewed another IPA with...
  4. Beerdrinker85

    Fermenter to keg transfer

    Hi. Yesterday, it was my first pressure transfer from my ss brewtech 7gal BME to my 5gal corny keg. Wanted to try the no oxygen transfer technique. I purged the keg before and connected a 3/8 hose on my fermenter racking valve, connected the quick connect on the beer line of the keg, opened the...