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  1. RIC0

    She's sat a year

    I have a 5 gallon Belgian tripel that's sat for a year and i'm ready to get it bottled. I've done this once before but can't remember how much yeast I need to pitch to get it to carbonate?? I have the same yeast to use for doing this so i'm not using two different types. Also when should I...
  2. RIC0

    Beer aged for 8 months but...

    This is a mere 5.4% so nothing crazy.
  3. RIC0

    Beer aged for 8 months but...

    It was racked to secondary after a month of fermenting. Sat for another 7 months with still more trub than I like in the secondary so today I racked it again to cold crash. I'm thinking it needs a teenybit of yeast added before bottle??? Thanks for the replies.
  4. RIC0

    1 year old Tripel needs yeast

    Ok I have 1 gallon of belgian tripel that is 1 year old and going to get bottled this weekend. My question is i have some T-58 yeast that needs to be added and I"m not sure how much to add???????
  5. RIC0

    Stainless Steel vs Aluminum pots

    Steel is Real
  6. RIC0

    Four weeks of farting

    I checked it today and it's 1.011. I went ahead and racked to secondary for dry hoping.
  7. RIC0

    Four weeks of farting

    I took a gravity reading a week ago and it was 1.014 so it's going to be some rocket fuel for sure. I might try and get the temp up so it will finish up sometime this year. Oh wait this year is almost over...:D I pitched 2 packs of dry yeast, probably too much 1.5 would have worked but I...
  8. RIC0

    Four weeks of farting

    Not me but an American Amber IPA I have which started out at 1.086 on 11/29 and there is still slight/slow activity via the air lock. I'm in no hurry it can sit for 2 more weeks but wow I thought 20 days was long with a red a year ago. Anyone else seen activity for this long??
  9. RIC0

    Imperial Stout Recipe critique

    Make a BIGazz starter to reach that FG.
  10. RIC0

    Another Glass Top Stove Question

    I can bring 5 gal of wort to a boil in a 7 gal SS pot on my glasstop stove but to make life and the wife happier I do it via propane, so much easier.
  11. RIC0

    Does anyone else think Sam Adam's beer sucks

    sam adams makes sam good beer if you think otherwise your taster is out of whack.
  12. RIC0

    Good quality and Cheap Extract kits

    I've been doing a lot of price checking and still has the cheapest deals, some places are gouging if you ask me geeeeeez.
  13. RIC0

    Belgian Triple - no bubbles yet

    Or be simple and use rehydrated dry yeast and save yourself money and headaches. I quit wasting time on liquid yeast awhile back. Not saying its not good but why work harder instead of smarter, meaning making starters, stirplates,spending 2 or 3X the money, making that wheel roll a little...
  14. RIC0

    Bulk Aging

    Signifacant difference = No I've tried bulk and bottle aging a tripel with the same recipe and it wasn't a night an day difference I don't think. I would only transfer to secondary if your leaving it sit for months to age and or adding additional goodies that don't need to sit on the yeast...
  15. RIC0

    Belgian Triple - no bubbles yet

    Pitch more yeast and get the temp down and you'll be fine, garaunteeeeeeeed
  16. RIC0

    How many batches do you brew in a month?

    usually 2 times a month 10 gallons worth.
  17. RIC0

    How many times have you cracked open one of your beers and said....

    I've only made 3 batches that I can think of that I said, meh it's OK. All the others are really great beers. Drank my first batch of American wheat last night and you took the words right out of my mouth, this is a great beer. Was easy and cheap to make, it's on the always to brew list now.
  18. RIC0

    Name your shortest fermented beer!

    My english milds fart thru the airlock for about 2-3 days and the airlock goes dead. I would say they are ready to bottle after 7-10 days. I still let them sit for 3 weeks though just cuzzz.
  19. RIC0

    How effective is cold crashing?

    Mine go in the spare fridge for 3-4 days then bottled, it helps a bunch I think.
  20. RIC0

    Corn sugar question

    Throw in a pound of DME and half pound of sugar I do it all the time on many styles of beer.