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  1. Forddog

    Help ...Need a good sub for Victory

    I am attempting Jamil evil twin but no LHBS here and i only need 6 oz of victory. I know it is for the biscuit i have vienna and roasted barley any ideas???:mug:
  2. Forddog

    Pressure keeps going up??

    I just purchased a dual regulator from keg connection and for some reason the pressure on my keg keeps goin up in the 20-30 psi range I set it at 12 to set and forget my kegs but it keeps goin way up and lots of foam I turned it all the way down and bleed the pressure relief Valve on the keg and...
  3. Forddog

    Can I make 2 starters out of 1 pkg of dry???

    Sorry for the noob question this is my 4th extract batch and all have turned out wonderful.I did sarafle 05 on the first 2 and then tried white labs Kolsch for my third and then a propagator wyeat for my bass clone and made my first starter. Oh yea i used the 5 oz of corn sugar for bottling to...