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  1. jspence1

    perlick 425ss parts?

    I'm in need of replacing the seals in my taps. Anyone know oring sizes? I'd like to get replacements ASAP and nobody has kits locally
  2. jspence1

    How brewing ruined my life

    Four years ago I started brewing. Before I started brewing I would buy maybe 3-4 cases of beer a year, today I buy about the same amount but spend 4x the money. Before I started brewing I had a job making 70K+/year today I make 28K as a brewery assistant. If you like your life please stay...
  3. jspence1

    Car Problem

    While driving my taurus today I heard a loud bang and it started to run like a go-cart and could smell gas. When looked at I discovered the spark plug had broken. The metal part that threads into the engine was still threaded in and the ceramic bit was still in the wire, and some bits were...
  4. jspence1

    cider shelf life?

    In october when I started my cider I held back 1G to back sweeten if it was too dry. I put campden tablets in the cider and waited two days before pitching the yeast. fast forward to today I'm thinking it's time to do something with this cider, this is when I realized the gallon I held back...
  5. jspence1

    Time Machine

    I found a great deal on a time machine! Want to go back and change a few things now's your chance! ONLY $29.99
  6. jspence1

    Bottle Conditioned Beer

    [RANT] Stop bottle conditioning beer! I freaking hate buying bottle conditioned beer. If you feel you must bottle condition Put a giant freaking sticker saying its bottle conditioned on it! I hate when I travel somewhere and pick up few "new" beers to try and end up pouring myself a glass...
  7. jspence1

    funny license plate

    This plate made my morning
  8. jspence1

    TV Experts

    I'm having TV anxiety. I have a 5 year old samsung DLP that I have been very happy with, two days ago the color wheel broke into 1000000 pieces. I called around and to get it fixed was going to be about $500 and most places told me it the color wheel broke I probably had other problems as...
  9. jspence1

    olllllo at Naked City NOW 7/27/09

    we have it on video conference! TokBox , Join me in a video conference
  10. jspence1

    Perlick taps and head

    I've just switched to perlick taps and I'm getting a lot more head than with my old taps, is this a normal issue people have when switching over? Thanks John
  11. jspence1

    Mold in bucket

    Clearly I didn't completely dry my buckets after I cleaned them last, and I have some mold growing on the bottoms of them. I've been soaking them in bleach for the last 30 minutes. I'm a little worried about using these to brew in now. The problem is I'm already mashing and I have no other...
  12. jspence1

    Brew cast

    Canadian brew cast in my garage/driveway if it warms up
  13. jspence1

    Water profile

    In chat tonight laurel asked about adjusting her water profile. I've often thought about this as well so tonight I created a excel file that should allow you to adjust your water profile to match (get close) a specific region. John Saq has a much better version so apparently this was just a...
  14. jspence1

    My New logo

    MY BIL made it for me what do you think?
  15. jspence1

    the Ultimate stocking stuffer

    Me likey and so does my dog keep click the spray bottle
  16. jspence1

    Homebrewers are the greatest

    I met another fine home brewer today LayMeister. He was doing me a favor by being the distribution center for our group o ring purchase for the people around him. Not only did he help me out but he also sent me home with a great sampler of his home brew. I'm looking forward to trying them! I...
  17. jspence1

    Is my beer Ruined?

    While trying to mash outside today I got a stuck sparge. I tried to get it running again but I had no luck. when I opened my cooler I found that my sparge water had frozen.
  18. jspence1

    Debbie Tong?

    What the heck is a debbie tong? Wine Making Items - Hamilton Buy & Sell Goods - Kijiji Hamilton
  19. jspence1

    Hamilton O rings

    The canadian brewers in the kitchener, Hamilton Ontario are placing an order for O rings from McMaster Carr. The order will be Placed on November 27-28 and picked up in buffalo on December 13. We've started a thread in the GROUP John
  20. jspence1

    Imersion chiller canada

    Have any canadians been able to find the 3/8 copper elbows? I called around today and nobody has them. (unless I'm willing to pay $10 each for compression fittings) If anyone has found them please let me know where. Thanks John