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  1. Diablotastic

    DFH Bitches Brew recipe?

    So I tried a DFH bithces brew last night..great beer...has anybody given this recipe a shot? I kinda picked up a hint of grapes in the end...maybe from the Gesho Root? Anyways, heres a bit of blurb fromt he DFH site..what exactly does the 3 thread vs 1 thread refer too? a bold, dark beer...
  2. Diablotastic

    Any body ever Re-carb left over commerical draft KEG beer?

    So I got about a 1/4 left of a Sierra Nevada 1/2 barrel i picked up for a party we had recently. Originally tapped on Sat night. We used one of those standard picnis taps witht he hand pumps. It's been in the fridge since and I'm thinking I could transfer this to a corny and put it on gas to...
  3. Diablotastic

    Half barrel only has 13gallon capacity?

    I coulda sworn half barrels were 15 it possible for it to only be 13? I'm pretty sure i was only able to squeeze 13gallons of beer into my convetred keggle (had to leave 1g behind) Of course this was the maiden voyage and the brew day from hell
  4. Diablotastic

    10 gallon batch question (BM's Centennial Ale) NEED SUGGESTIONS?

    Si I'm trying my maiden voyage into 10 gallon AG batches I've got a bit of an issue and I'm already into the boil lol I'm about a 1/2oz short on cascade...additions are as foolows CENT 55mins CENT 35mins CASC 20mins Casc 5mins (oops!!) Soooo...i need to sub something in our move...
  5. Diablotastic

    Plz critique my Rye Pale Ale recipe

    Howdy Looking to develop a nice Rye Pale ale that will have a nice balance of spicy and sweet. Hows this look 5 gallon batch 7lbs 2 row 2lbs Rye malt 1lb 10L 1lb Honey Malt 1lb Munich 1/2 Columbus 60min 1/2 Columbus 30min 1/2 Sweet Orange Peel 10min (debating) 1/2 Saaz 5min...
  6. Diablotastic

    Motorizing a Corona Mill

    So I'm thinking about putting a motor on my Corona Mill. I have access to a 110V 1/4 HP 1700ish RPM motor. Been playing around with some ideas on how to slow down the RPM's and it seems like I would need a fairly big flywheel on the mill which I'm not sure I'm digging yet. Has anybody...
  7. Diablotastic

    Belgian Beers...Dry vs Liquid

    Just wanted to share my limted expieriance. I did two batches of a Belgian with a Wyeast Belgian Wit and the other with dry S-33. Huge differences in taste...the Liquid was much better and the Dry seemed very bland and lacked alot of the good ol Belgian qualities
  8. Diablotastic

    Fermentation temps for Belgian Triple

    So I've got a Belgian IPA Tripel chugging away in the basement atm. I've been readin here and there about fermentation process and temps. As of now...i had it around 64-66 fort he 1st 3days or so.....Fermentation slowed slightly and I have since moved it to a location where I'm about 70ish...
  9. Diablotastic

    Possibly under pitched dry yeast ?

    So I think I under pitched the Vanilla Bourbon Porter recipe I brewed a few weeks ago. My OG was 1.080 and I was comtemplating pitching two packs of Notty but come brew day I realized I only had one. I rehydrated and pitched anyways. It's now been about 4 weeks and I measured 1.028. Would...
  10. Diablotastic

    How much hops could I expect (container growing)

    So I've got 1 Cascade Rhizone and I'm planning on picking up 1 Centennial. I'm going to pick up two 20" pots and get planting within the next week or so. I'm going to follow the intructions in the Aussie BYO article. Has anybody else planted with containers and what type of yeild can I expect...
  11. Diablotastic

    How often do you clean/sanitize your faucets when in use?

    So I've recently made the jump to kegging and love it. I've got two corny's both using your cheapo standard picnic taps until i can fully modify my fridge for some perlick faucets. How often (if at all) do you guys try and clean/sanitize your lines faucets during the life of a keg? I'm...
  12. Diablotastic

    Double check your thermometers

    Just thought I'd share an issue i had on one of my recent batches. I did a Pale Ale in my garage recently and I had lost about 10pts on my efficiency. Now initially my thought was that I didn't sparge hotter eough given the garage temp which was probably around 40 degrees. Now this may...
  13. Diablotastic

    Picking up used kegerator

    So I found this on CL for $75.00. It needs a little cleaning and a few different fittings for my corny's as it's currently set up for half barrels. It's a working fridge with 5lb CO2 tank regulator, faucet and lines. Looks like one of the guages is busted but I'm sure I can just pick up another...
  14. Diablotastic

    Old ingredients still usable?

    So i got this buddy whose Dad messed around with some extract brewing awhile back. He comes over with a bunch of old starter kit equipment and ingredients....already cracked chocolate and black malt, some Amber and Pale LME that was in the fridge for like 6 YEARS !!! He really wants to use...
  15. Diablotastic

    Wetting the grains pre milled w/ Corona?

    So I'm in the process of investigating what seems to be a bit of astringent tastes in one of my recent batches. One thing I was thinking about was overcrushing which it seems I have to do with the corona (tears em up) apposed to bumping up my previous thread ...
  16. Diablotastic

    Astringent after taste and possible casues

    So I'm trying to narrow down what may have casued my astringent after taste in my 2nd AG. The BJCP has a pretty cool off flavor tool Now my 1st AG didn't seem to have that twangy after taste but it was Store the major difference...
  17. Diablotastic

    For the love of Dry Yeast?

    So I'm relatively new to Homebrewing (extremely new to AG) and I know it depends on the style of beer but it seems that Dry Yeast seems to be a wonderful thing. It's like 1/3 the cost of liquid and doesn't seem to need a starter from what I've read. Of course I'm working of a 55lb bag of base US...
  18. Diablotastic

    3rd AG much better results

    So I brewed another Ed's Haus Pale this weekend and had better/more accurate efficiency results thanks to alot of helpful suggestions an here by many here and also in big part to Bobby M's AG primer. I dialed my corona in slightly used Bobby's batch sparge method and I was able to pick up...
  19. Diablotastic

    Tasting 1st AG...need diagnostic :)

    So I cracked my 1st AG (Ed's Haus Pale)....Opened it warm and added to a frosty mug just to sample. 1st impression is a fairly strong alcohol taste (which I expected) and the other is exceptionally sweet. I'm assuming this is to be expected since I missed my pre-boil volume big time on the low...
  20. Diablotastic

    Low efficiency/OG...what to expect?

    When you miss your OG by 10points or so...1.044 vs 1.054 what can you expect I'm assuming that the alchohol content would obviously suffer and the beer may seem lighter but how much of that can you actaully pick up? The Brown ale I did still looks dark as hell and I don't think I've seen...