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  1. Bradmont

    What is going on in these bottles? (major floaties in pumpkin ale)

    I bottled my pumpkin spice ale Saturday, and looked at them today to find this: It looks kinda gross, and I'm trying to figure out what it is. Is it pumpkin pulp, krausen, or some sort of infection? I opened one up to try and figure it out, and it overflowed with carbonation, which was...
  2. Bradmont

    Buying cornelius kegs second hand, what to look for?

    My wife bought me a bunch of equipment to build a keggerator for my birthday (yay!), but no kegs since she had to have the stuff shipped from the states and that would have cost an arm and a leg. I found a classified selling used cornies locally, but since I have zero experience with them, I...
  3. Bradmont

    Cleaning carboys after an infection

    I had a couple brews get infected, and want to make sure my carboys are nice and clean before I put anything else in them. I soaked them for 24ish hours with oxiclean, and of course I'll starsan the heck out of 'em before I brew again. Will this be enough? Should I do something else? Thanks!
  4. Bradmont

    Belgian dubbel fermentation, when to add candi sugar?

    I brewed up a batch on Wednesday that's going to be a belgian dubbel(ish). The background is that this is a 2 gal batch that I'm using to step up a yeast I harvested from a bottle before doing the batch I was actually wanting to do (why not make beer instead of just wasting wort?). I'm pretty...
  5. Bradmont

    Pitching rate with harvested commercial yeast

    I harvested some yeast from a bottle of Unibroue La Terrible that I want to use for a Trois Pistoles clone, and am trying to figure out the right pitching rate. Since I started with a small harvested sample from the bottle of a 750ml bottle and gradually stepped it up, I'm wondering if the...
  6. Bradmont

    What is this infection, what should I do with it?

    (This is a repost since I didn't get any responses in the Lambic forum) I have a random brew that I made with some leftover grain and stuff a couple months ago, details here - Something Something Belgian. Decided to pitch some belgian yeast and ferment open for a few days until the krausen...
  7. Bradmont

    What is this infection? Is it necessarily a Bad Thing(TM)?

    (Edit, my apologies if this is the wrong forum, I wasn't sure.) I have a random brew that I made with some leftover grain and stuff a couple months ago, details here - Something Something Belgian. Decided to pitch some belgian yeast and ferment open for a few days until the krausen died down...
  8. Bradmont

    finishing high, or stuck fermentation?

    A couple weeks ago I brewed up a batch of Orfy's Hob Goblin II and pitched some washed Nottingham that had been in my fridge for a couple months. I let it go, and the following evening the temp was getting kind of high, about 23-24C (~74-76F), so I put the carboy under an open window to cool...
  9. Bradmont

    How long should I ferment this?

    A few weeks ago I got the brewing urge and threw together some random stuff I had lying around. It's a brown belgian-ish, OG 1.060, and I'd like input on how long I should wait before bottling it. I fermented it in an open container to promote funkyness, for three days, until the krausen fell...
  10. Bradmont

    Toasting your own grain, recipe equivalents?

    I'm looking to start toasting my own grains -- if I can buy a 25kg bag of 2-row and toast it to make some of the specialty grains myself, the savings may be substantial (and I could save running to the LHBS all the time.) So, I was wondering if anyone has any resources listing home-toasting...
  11. Bradmont

    Trying an open fermentation

    I had the day off today and was bored. This got me in a brewing mood, but I didn't have time to get any ingredients from my LHBS, so I threw together a bunch of leftovers and bits from my kitchen to experiment, and decided to give open fermentation a go. I'm not too hopeful about this batch...
  12. Bradmont

    Order a corona-style mill in Canada?

    I'm shopping around for a corona-style mill. My LHBS has them for about $70 CDN, but I've seen a bunch of them online for $20-$30US. Usually I have pretty good success with this type of online shopping, but I've only found sites that ship from the US. I'd order cross-border, except the...
  13. Bradmont

    50 beers a day?!

    So apparently, in the 19th century, drinking 50 beers in a day was considered "normal." From the article: One day in 1874, Philip Kock was testifying in a Brooklyn court. There were no charges laid against him; he was appearing as an expert on the effects of lager beer. Kock had drunk 30...
  14. Bradmont

    Nottingham -- least vigorous fermentation of all time?

    So I brewed a batch of O Flannagan's stout on Saturday & fermented with a packet of Nottingham. It took about 36 hours to show any signs of krausen or airlock bubbling, and the krausen only lasted a day and didn't get more than an inch high. I was kind of afraid I had a bad pack of yeast, so I...
  15. Bradmont

    Managing boil-off

    I've been doing DeathBrewer's stovetop AG method for a couple of brews now, but my equipment is a little inadequate -- I have a 5gal and a 3 gal pot, so after mashing & sparging I've been topping up to boil volume and splitting the wort into the two pots. This allows me to do a full boil, but...
  16. Bradmont

    Splitting a stout and adding chocolate, when?

    My next brew is going to be O Flannagain's stout, and I'm thinking of splitting off about a gallon and adding some chocolate. So, I have a couple of questions: 1) Would this recipe be a good candidate to add chocolate? 2) When would be the best time to do the split? I feel the easiest...
  17. Bradmont

    Carbed after just 10 days?

    I bottled a belgian tripel last Monday, which had been sitting in the primary for about 6 weeks. This was my first all grain brew, and I wound up with a big layer of sediment at the bottom of the fermenter, and kicked some of it up while syphoning into my bottling bucket, so I have about 3mm of...
  18. Bradmont

    Belgians take a long time to carbonate?

    I bottled a batch about two months ago. I did most of it in 355ml bottles, but also filled 4 belgians, with proper belgian corks & wire cages. The regular bottles have been nicely carbed for over a month now, but I opened one of the belgians last night and it was barely carbed at all, so I...
  19. Bradmont

    First AG: waaaaay overshot OG

    I tried all grain for the first time today, using DeathBrewer's stovetop method for a small (2 gallon), slightly modified version of this belgian trippel (though I used 2-row instead of pils). I added a little extra two-row (.4lb) expecting to not get great efficiency on my first try. Boy was...
  20. Bradmont

    Check what I got for $20 on kijiji

    First bit of my (eventual) keggerator! It may be quite a while before I build it, but at that price, the tower was too good to pass up!