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  1. fc36

    RIMS for Dummies

    Ultrashock, you always want to have a larger MLT than a BK. The MLT and the amount of grain and liquid it can hold are always the limiting factor in a brew system. I am opening a 3.5 bbl brewpub in Chicago and luckily we bought a 4.5 bbl MLT to accommodate bigger beers with high ABV and...
  2. fc36

    RIMS for Dummies

    Ultrashock, very nice build so far. I hope it works out great. I wanted to try and address your questions as efficiently as possible, so let's do a list back. 1. Since your MLT size is only 24L, you do not want a high power element that will scorch and burn your wort. I would say between...
  3. fc36

    Best Way To Add DME / LME?

    Woodland, to repeat, you're saying that you add the DME directly to the fermenter without dissolving it in water? When do you typically do that? Do you add before or during fermentation to the cooled wort? Can you add it dry to an active fermentation and not stir to dissolve it? I ask because...
  4. fc36

    Sanke Keg Washer build

    This is just simply ridiculous and awesome. i'm making the jump to pro soon and will definitely be needing a starting point for building a keg washer for the brewhouse. Way to go marcb. Great overkill build.
  5. fc36

    Bucks Electric Brewery

    What is that wort analyzer that you have? How would one get ahold of that beaut?
  6. fc36

    Slanting yeast

    That is exactly what I was thinking too. The colonies should start to appear as fluffy white marshmallow puffs in a semi-spherical shape. They should not be oozing and wet. Drying and storing your plates upside down also keeps the plates and precious agar media from drying out too fast as...
  7. fc36

    PWM pump control

    I bought one of these as suggested and I have two words for you, "Lineman Pliers." They worked like a charm. These springs are made from 14 gauge SS wire, but a decent set of linemans will shear right through them with little to no effort.
  8. fc36

    Growing hops from seed

    This is one of the better posts out there. I am subbing for posterity's sake. Keep the breeding program going Nagmay. Awesome work.
  9. fc36

    Bucks Electric Brewery

    How much do you have invested in this amazing system? I literally wet myself with excitement when I saw the first few images. This is definitely Chemical Engineering pron and I'm a ChemE.
  10. fc36

    DIY - Make Your own Fermentation Heat Wrap for $12-$16

    It will absolutely work to heat a SS fermenter. In fact, it will probably work better and respond to temp changes faster. I use mine routinely on a HDPE ferm bucket and it works great. Holds temp within 0.5 degrees of setpoint. I've even used it to do a berlinner weiss sour mash at 105F (along...
  11. fc36

    DIY yeast glove box w/pics

    That's why I said I must sub for posterity's sake. I like the idea if I were ever in need of a DIY glove box. If not, I may just buy one depending on finances and need.
  12. fc36

    DIY - Make Your own Fermentation Heat Wrap for $12-$16

    Subbed. I have a fermwrap heater, but it cost me $30. I'd love to be able to make custom ones to any length.
  13. fc36

    DIY yeast glove box w/pics

    NERD ALERT! Seems a little overkill when so many are able to get awesome results with just a simple updraft created by a nearby candle. However, I must sub for posterity's sake.
  14. fc36

    Collecting Culture from My Cats

    :off: OP, please look at the following two articles for some advice. Collecting Wild Yeast Plating Yeast Selecting Colonies A great source for cheap agar agar would be to go to an Asian grocery store. They sell it in little 1 oz packets for about $1-2 and that way you don't need to buy...
  15. fc36

    Collecting Culture from My Cats

    Quick question...I understand the need to try and find wild or rare yeast, but why, why, Why, WHY, WHYYYYYYYYYY would you throw cat fur, whole, into wort and try and taste it? Why not just take a swab from your cats and see if it cultures onto a simple petri dish of agar and starter wort jelly...
  16. fc36

    Inline filter for pure oxygen?

    It's not a controlled substance per se, but rather it requires a prescription because when used medically for inhalation in a patient, a large enough amount can be fatal. See the following quote from Yahoo Health on this
  17. fc36

    List of PJ Electrical Diagrams

    P-J, should I be switching on and off the positive signal wire only or should I switch the negative signal as well? The negative signal is like a ground right and doesn't have power normally in a DC circuit, correct? The positive signal is the power carrier in a DC circuit.
  18. fc36

    List of PJ Electrical Diagrams

    P-J, I have a similar setup with a PID and a rotary knob, but would like to use the same SSR to control my element. Space is a concern in my salvaged control panel and so I'd like to use only one SSR and switch control of the element between a PID and a hacked PWM dimmer from here: LED Dimmer...
  19. fc36

    Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!

    Subbed...This is amazing and I've only read the firs 30 posts or so. Great idea even though I'm a few years behind the curve.
  20. fc36

    First Wort Hopping (FWH) - BIAB - when do you remove the hops?

    What happens if you steep your FWH at 170 for 30 mins, but remove them before hitting a boil? Any detriment to bitterness?