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  1. Inner10

    yeast nutrient and energiser?

    Does it just look like white crystals? Cause that's nutrient, energizer is like a beige powder. If you don't have any you can use boiled bread yeast as the stuff is mostly yeast hulls iirc.
  2. Inner10

    Popping the air lock off

    Dry the mouth and the bung better or else they will always pop out.
  3. Inner10

    SG Below 1.00 After Primary Fermentation

    Yeah should be fine, done that many times.
  4. Inner10

    yeast nutrient and energiser?

    They are different, but often companies blend them and sell then as an aggregate product.
  5. Inner10

    First time making wine

    But that being said I'm cheap and use tap water...
  6. Inner10

    First time making wine

    I'd take spring over distilled any day.
  7. Inner10

    Wine must question

    Nope you're good but squeeze a sample and check your brix.
  8. Inner10

    What to do about a fruit fly in my wine

    Don't panic yet, most of the grapes I've crushed probably had dozens of fruit flies crushed up with vinegar yet...but hey if it turns to vinegar you make salad dressing right?
  9. Inner10

    Is a small amount of stems in grape wine ok?

    Only problem with stems is they taste a little acrid.
  10. Inner10

    Merlot Yeast selection

    Depends on the environment in which you will store it as different yeasts prefer different temperatures and such. But that being said I'd use rc212...
  11. Inner10

    Fermenting Grapes

    Pretty much what I did but I have no idea which culture won as the previous fermentation was so active! Oh well!
  12. Inner10

    Filtering wine

    That sounds like a slow painful process that would potentially oxidize your wine. If you want a nice polished product buy a pump and filter assembly.
  13. Inner10

    Fermenting Grapes

    LoL thanks yoop, I'm going to hit it with yeast and see what happens!
  14. Inner10

    Fermenting Grapes

    Well I'm going to dump in some rc212 because that's what I have kicking around and we'll see what happens. ...unless Yooper or another seasoned pro has some insight ;)
  15. Inner10

    Fermenting Grapes

    The fork in the road for me is do I leave it with whatever yeast is working now...or do I pour in a starter of some killer yeast like kv1116. I already dosed it with kmeta but I don't think it will stop this fermentation as it was pretty active!
  16. Inner10

    Fermenting Grapes

    I realize it's a little late in the season but I called up my local grape wholesaler and they had 1 case of sangiovese grapes left so I ordered it and 3 grenache to be destemmed and crushed. That night when I opened up my buckets the sangiovese was already foaming up it was fermenting so...
  17. Inner10


    Agreed, soak in warm water and oxy works like magic...but I'll guilty of a quick rinse with warm water and then sanitize.
  18. Inner10

    Cork Selection

    Any number 9 long natural cork. I get a bag if 1000 for 80 bucks...or a bag of 100 for 25. Synthetic will crease with a jaw compressor, you need a pneumatic corker with a horn compressor.
  19. Inner10

    How much oak?

    I take a cup of warm water, add one crushed Camden tab, immerse oak, wait a min, dump it in.
  20. Inner10

    Making a dry red wine.

    You can if you don't mind the loss. I own about a pile of 5 gallon and a couple 54 liter demis so I have the same problem. I don't do many kits, but when I do I put the extra gallon in a one gallon jug with airlock and use it as my topper-upper. After each rack you switch your topper to a...