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  1. Finlandbrews

    Can 0.5 ppm of chlorine affect my beer taste?

    I'm just wondering if 0.5 ppm chlorine can affect the taste of my beer?
  2. Finlandbrews

    A brewery told me 2 things which I wondered if it is an ok practice?

    A local brewery told me that: 1) they dont filter the water because there is no chlorine in the water and minerals are very low. Is no chlorine possible? And if 0.1 ppm, can it be problematic or not? Can't there be any other compounds that could be problematic? 2) they had empty bottles which...
  3. Finlandbrews

    Stationary phase a.k.a declining phase of fermentation?

    In the general certificate on Brewing the Institute of Brewing and Distilling indicates that in that last phase of the fermentation (commercial brewing set up) as indicated in the title of this post, the rate of cell deaths exceeds new cell formation. I would like to ask as I had been told or...
  4. Finlandbrews

    Commercial brewing: Why are these practices wrong? Or are they?

    I started to help a brewery with packaging and I noticed these things for which I believe they might do wrong but I would like your opinion: 1) use of the same braided vynil tubing for flowing pbw at 70 Celsius for cip of fermenting tank, then rinsing with starsan and then beer transfer into...
  5. Finlandbrews

    Beer made with lager yeast can't usually be clarified by findings?

    This is a statement from the IBD, I find it opposite to what I know. Is it correct? Why this statement, is there any truth on this?
  6. Finlandbrews

    Different yeasts and different worts need different oxygen saturation levels?

    Please see the statement in the first paragraph of the picture, is it true that different yeasts need different oxygen levels?
  7. Finlandbrews

    Commercial brewing: what defines cold break efficiency and is it real?

    I read the importance of cold break (in the course on Brewing from the IBD ) as a clarification method which is very important as trub is said to be very detrimental for quality of beer in commercial operations if it ends in the FV. However, the only thing which is told regarding the cold break...
  8. Finlandbrews

    Commercial brewing: what is the use of CO2 hop extract?

    I have had beers with a grassy, vegetable, herbal like bitterness and I read long boil of high oil content hops can provide these flavors. Also, I have seen an official recipe from Cloudwater's v1 double IPA and they only used CO2 hop extract during the boil. All the pellets addition are added...
  9. Finlandbrews

    Wort boiling: A "too high" concentration of hop oils can give a bitter grassy and veg

    Reading from the Institute of Brewing and Distiling they say that a long boil of hops with strong concentration of hop oils can result in vegetable and grassy bitterness. Is that true? If so, what is "high concentrations" and "long boil"? I guess that's hard to answer though... I have had...
  10. Finlandbrews

    Does lager malt necessarily ask for proteolytic rest nowadays?

    I am wondering if lager malts are still under modified and if breweries still do proteolytic rest when brewing beers with high volume of lager malts?
  11. Finlandbrews

    Why is mash out needed when raising to boil will kill enzymes anyway?

    Why is mash out needed if boiling wort will anyway inactivate enzymes and can't the heating to 77/78 Celsius extract any harshness from grain husks too? What I thought is that the only reason for doing this mashout process is to lock the wort profile as we want it... If that is the reason only I...
  12. Finlandbrews

    Commercial brewing: why feeding the grist to mash vessel from the top is a "problem"?

    I'm reading from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Brewing course that feeding the Mash conversion vessel from the top is less used because there is more oxygen pick up. Why is oxygen pick up a problem for the mashing/conversion stage?
  13. Finlandbrews

    Adding yeast in end of the boil as nutrient for yeast at fermentation?

    I asked a brewer if he adds nutrient at end of boil and he told me he doesnt but he does add yeast sometimes in the boil as a nutrient. Does that help? Or will it make the beer worse? And why?
  14. Finlandbrews

    How does sodium and chloride in brewing water influence yeast fermentation?

    Hi, my water has 150 ppm of chloride and 180 ppm of sodium as I use RO water from the Baltic Sea at the moment and concentrations of these ions are so high that I still have high levels. Can someone tell me if these concentrations are negative for yeast to ferment healthily?
  15. Finlandbrews

    Is my malt mold because there is mold in my compost?

    I brew some batches in my summer house where I have a compost outside where I throw in spent grain and hops after brewing. I have noticed that the spent grain and hops is getting molded in the compost which is totally closed by the way. Someone told me that because it is getting molded in my...
  16. Finlandbrews

    What is malt dust? How does it form? Why dangerous?

    I have read that one criteria for malt quality is the level of malt dust rejected in the malting process (how little malt dust is on the malt) but I understand from my malt sheet which says "do not inhale the malt dust" that my malt potentially has levels of malt dust that can be high enough to...
  17. Finlandbrews

    What to look for in a microscope for observing yeasts and bacterias?

    The title is not clear, I mean in short "what microscope to buy?" as I would like to buy a microscope but I don't know what characteristics to look for except that I want good reviews or trusted quality, that it can be charged by USB or used with batteries and it should have price of maximum...
  18. Finlandbrews

    "Beer with lager yeast cannot usually be clarified by finings "

    This is a 4th statement which from my study for IBD general certificate in brewing in the context of commercial brewing for which I would like a clarification. The course says that in comparison with beer made with ale yeast, the beers which are made with lager yeast cannot usually be clarified...
  19. Finlandbrews

    What is your opinion on spent hop to prevent yeast from fermenting?

    Another IBD statement for which I would like your opinion, true/false or partly true and why not totally correct? See picture and read statement from "spent pitching rate" the paragraph underlined in pink. Thanks