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  1. Derek1985

    Dry Yeast Choice for Belgian Styles

    I have made a choice to try and simplify my brew days. I have another child on the way and given the choice between simplifying for now instead of completely stopping brewing for a while, I have decided that i'll cease using liquid yeast for a while. The only remotely "Belgian" dry styles...
  2. Derek1985

    De Clerck's "A Textbook of Brewing"?

    This is of course somewhat of a colossal and revered text with much of its content still very valid. The Siebel Institute edition is not only very attractive aesthetically but the only version I have seen on the market. Is it worth owning?
  3. Derek1985

    Special B has got to go.......

    After much thought on the subject, I will be abandoning Special B use for good. It doesn't produce, for me at least, anything considerable that CaraMunich couldn't do in it's place. It's grainy and too roasty. Time after time I see in recipes for Belgian beers despite the fact that, as...
  4. Derek1985

    Using the STC-1000 for Small Batch Automated System

    I am in the planning stages of a micro-mini Countertop Brutus build (for my 1 gallon batches) and would like to use an STC-1000 I already own in place of the PID. I figure the small heat source (stubby 1500W element) I plan to use, coupled with a relatively small heat sink (max 3 gal of...
  5. Derek1985

    New LHBS!

    Just found yet another LHBS which is pretty close to my house (<10 minutes). I have been struggling to find a store that carries the entire Dingeman's line and have finally found it. They even have the Dingeman Munich, which has been rather elusive. In addition to an excellent malt selection...
  6. Derek1985

    Adequate Margin for Brew Pump?

    I'm looking to outfit my already functional "mini-brewery" with a small 12VDC pump so I can incorporate a CFC. I use my 2 gal Coleman "stacker" cooler as a mash-tun and am planning to make my 3 gal BK into an electric. My question is this: What should the temperature rating be on the...
  7. Derek1985

    Anyone Eating Grains Prior to Brewing?

    I've taken to visiting the HBS prior to brewing or test mashing and buying small amounts of the grains I plan to brew with and eating them over the course of a week. Some times I eat them raw as a snack, sometimes with a little milk in the morning like granola. I like getting to taste the...
  8. Derek1985

    Share your Belgian Techniques

    What are some of the things you are doing to brew authentic Belgian or Belgian style beers? Share them here. What Malts? How do you pitch? What yeast do you like? Do you use Syrup? How do you mash? How do you ferment? Share! Share! Share!
  9. Derek1985

    Belgian Mild

    I've been kicking around the idea for a while to try a sessionable Belgian brown ale. I'm thinking of modelling it off of an English Mild, with a Belgian yeast strain and Belgian base and specialty malts. Maybe even a little Candi Syrup. In my head it seems like it would be a baby Dubbel. I'm...
  10. Derek1985

    Derek1985 Brewing Spreadsheet

    After some revision and corrections, as well as expansions of the functionality of the user inputs, I am going to post a version of my personal brewing spreadsheet here. My version that I have on my computer incorporates some stuff not found here including a popular water chemistry...
  11. Derek1985

    2 Gallon MLT Completed

    Finally got my fittings together from Lowe's the other day and put my small batch mash tun together. I did a test mash with it last night (1 lb. Briess Pils, 1 lb. Briess Pale, 1/2 lb. Oats) and it worked like a charm. Still need to get my process down a little more, but my initial...
  12. Derek1985

    Pre-Boil Gravity Calculations

    I am currently putting the finishing touches on my AG brewing spreadsheet in Excel and i've hit a snag. Currently I am calculating PBG in my pre-brewday estimation section by using the following calculation: ((Grain points total*efficiency)+(points of sugar))/Pre-boil volume This...
  13. Derek1985

    Mini Brutus 20 build controller question

    planning a scaled down version of jkarp's Brutus 20 countertop system and could use some advice for the controller. I'm planning on doing 1 gallon micro batches in my finished basement using a 2 gal kettle, 2 gal cooler mash tun and a 1.5kW 120V element. The standard seems to be a PID...