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  1. wickman6

    repurposed food dehydrator lid/temp control

    My weather forecast includes a high of -8deg F for tomorrow, and that doesn't bode well for lagering my doppelbock. It would certainly freeze in my unheated garage. So I came up with this: My food dehydrator lid has both a fan and heating element. I plugged it into my homemade temp...
  2. wickman6

    any fix for too much pie spice?

    I brewed up a sweet potato spiced ale for an upcoming party, and I had no flavor or aroma at kegging time. I boiled a small amount of water which I added 1/4 teaspoon of pie spice to, and mixed it in with the brew. Now there's too much. It's got a bit of a raw spice note to it, not overwhelming...
  3. wickman6

    anyone else not thrilled with notty?

    I decided to pick up some Nottingham a few months back, lhbs was out of my go to us-05. I've fermented several batches with it and I'm not all that impressed. I get this funny subtle flavor from it that I can only describe as super fresh water. Almost chlorinated, but not quite. I've brewed as...
  4. wickman6

    quick loss of carbonation?

    I have an amber ale that tastes very good, pours with a nice head out of the keg and is carbonated to about 2.5 vol/co2. Now, the head doesn't hang around too long, and it seems to lose carbonation rather quickly. I'm stumped as to why, and seari results haven't gotten me very far. Has...
  5. wickman6

    DIY hop spider from keggle lid

    I'm in the process of building a hop spider using the top I trimmed off of my keggle. I don't know if anyone else has done this, but here's mine. I'm still in the beginning stages, and will post more pics as I progress. The best thing about my project is the only things I need to buy are a hop...
  6. wickman6

    New DIY kegerator

    Picked up this 1946 GE fridge tonight, another CL score. $70, not bad. Holds three cornys, pin lock even! (yes, that's a ball lock in the back, but 3 pins fit) Can't wait to tear into it and give it a new life. She needs a little TLC, but runs great and super quiet. I'll be sure to post...
  7. wickman6

    Another glass carboy horror story

    Yesterday was going great, until I had to take a trip to the ER. I had a 1 gallon carboy explode on my leg. I forgotten about it in my garage, and it had some pear wine overflow in it from winter. I stupidly capped it with the provided screw top. All it took was the slightest bump and BOOM...
  8. wickman6

    w34/70 at 43 degrees?

    I'm planning a Vienna lager and wondering if 43 deg is too cool for this yeast. Anyone have experience? I have some washed 34/70 that I'd like to use, and that's the warmest ambient temp I can get in my fridge. Temp controller build still sitting on the shelf :( Any insight would be...
  9. wickman6

    albuquerque breweries?

    I'm traveling to Albuquerque for memorial day weekend and looking for tips on where to go for a few good pints. Any breweries I should make sure to visit? Thanks! Also, restaurant recommendations are very welcome. My wife and I eat nearly anything, and some local flavor would be a plus...
  10. wickman6

    weird 1007 fermentation w/ pics

    Fermented one of my favorite recipes, similar to Sapporo. Used Wyeast 1007 for a pseudo lager, something I've done a few times before. What's new is this: strange goo on top. After 3 week ferment, I opened my bucket ready to bottle and was surprised. I thought, infected? Anyway, I scooped...
  11. wickman6

    liquor store score

    I did a little work on a friend's car yesterday and the deal was he'd grab me some beer for my trouble. Got finished, we both headed to the liquor store so he could pay up. Looking around for my bounty, I noticed a pin lock keg in the corner. Asking the owner about it, he said sure its for...
  12. wickman6

    does caramel malt override vienna?

    Ok I'm looking to brew later. Here's what I have: #9 pale ale malt #3 Vienna #1 caramel 60 #.5 caramel 10 Will the c60 make the Vienna go away? Or can I mix it up so to speak? I have searched on mixing these two, but haven't found a solid answer. Thanks!
  13. wickman6

    seeking advice/blending batches

    Hi all, I have brewed 20 gallons of hefeweizen, split between 4 carboys. All the same yeast, same fermentation temp, and were mashed as two 10 gallon batches. Had to split the boils, so I did 2 boils for each mash. This beer is about to be bottled and I will be flavoring with strawberry...
  14. wickman6

    does gf beer need yeast nutrient

    ...and if so can I use nutrients for winemaking? Thanks!
  15. wickman6

    another starter overflow thread

    I began a starter for Wyeast 3068, first step was 1L. Everything went off well, cold crashed and had a nice layer on the bottom of my flask. Last night, I decanted and added in 1.3L fresh wort to the yeast. The first step barely krausened, so I thought no problem with the second. Wrong! I...
  16. wickman6

    wyeast 3068 question

    I'm brewing 20 gallons of EdWort's Bavarian Hefeweizen for my upcoming wedding. I've brewed it before with great success and I'd like to repeat it, but have a couple questions on yeast. In the past I've always pitched one smack pack with no starter. This is the only beer I don't make a...
  17. wickman6

    question about blending batches and figuring out og

    Is there a formula to figure out og based on blending known amounts and gravities of 2 worts? I had a 3 1/4 gal batch of 1.038 and blended in 2 gals of 1.088. What would my blended og be? The smaller gravity batch already had yeast pitched the day before, so I couldn't simply mix and...
  18. wickman6

    8 bottle wine cellar guts for fermentation chamber?

    Hey all, I have a small wine cellar that I never ever use. I had a thought, maybe take the guys and build into a foam fermentation chamber. I'm not sure how efficiently it would cool the larger space though. I'm looking to build something just big enough for a 6 gal carboy, and cool it all...
  19. wickman6

    anyone know anything about mauribrew yeast?

    Got an email from AHS, offering a special on Mauribrew dry yeast. There's not much info as far as flavor profiles, just wondering if anyone has used it, and what the results were. The price is right, weighing in at $2.99 for 10g packet.
  20. wickman6

    wyeast smack pack questions

    I have read a lot about viability based on production date, but so far haven't found the answer I was looking for. If an activated pack swells all the way, does that have any bearing on the cell count? Let's say I have a year old smack pack I want to use. I know folks have used them before...