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  1. fatherbigfoot

    Exploding flask

    Well I really did it I just finished building my stir plate and was going to do my first starter on it so I measured out my DME added 2000ml to my 4000 ml Pyrex flask added a drop of de-foamer and my stir bar. I then put it on the electric stove top and commenced to boil. As the flask started to...
  2. fatherbigfoot

    Love TSS2 vs stc 1000

    I'm going to be building a dual stage temp controller very soon. I will be using it for a fermentation chamber in my garage. Is there any substantial benefit from the love controller. Over the much...
  3. fatherbigfoot

    World Expo of beer Frankenmuth MI

    Is anyone else going to submit a beer in the World Expo of Beer homebrew competition in Frankenmuth MI this year? If so what styles will you be entering? I will be entering a Sothern English brown ale my first entry into a competion.
  4. fatherbigfoot

    Bells announces 52 million dollar expansion
  5. fatherbigfoot

    WTB: dual primary co2 regulator

    I looking to build my first kegerator with two cornies and a two tap tower. I would like a dual primary co2 regulator so I can serve beer out of one keg while force carbing another. If anyone has one lying around that they could part with let me know.
  6. fatherbigfoot

    Oberon Yeast

    I was drinking a Oberon by Bell's in Kzoo michigan the other day and noticed a lot of yeast in the bottom of my glass. So I used some of the extra DME i had laying around boiled a quart up and put it in a sanatized growler with the bottom inch and a half of my beer just to see if I could grow...
  7. fatherbigfoot

    Worrying for no reason

    I brewed my a english pale ale last friday my first attempt at my own recipe after I brewed it I pitched two packets of nottingham and let it set in my warm apartment for 12 hours or so untill I started seeing bubbles in my airlock I then moved it down to my cooler basement. After I did that I...
  8. fatherbigfoot

    Blueberry wheat beer please critique

    I would apriciate any thoughts on how to make this better you might have Type: Extract Date: 3/31/2010 Batch Size: 5.00 gal Brewer: Basement Brew Brewrey Boil Size: 5.00 gal Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: Taters Equiptment Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse...
  9. fatherbigfoot

    Why keep steeping grains off the bottom

    Im going to be brewing a english pale ale this evening I have about two pounds of specialy grains that I am going to be steeping before I start my boil. This will be only my second batch the first batch I make was a irish red ale and when I steeped my grains i put them in the sock (muslin bags...
  10. fatherbigfoot

    An hour and 15 to boil

    So I decided to try and boil 5.5gallons of water on my electric stove to see how long it would take. After an hour and fifteen minutes i finally had a rolling boil. Will this long start time effect my beer in any adverse ways? I have heard about hear sticks will these help boost boil time I...