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  1. BonneTerre

    Pecan Wood in beer!?

    I unfortunately had to cut down an old Pecan Tree. I am giving the wood away to a friend who can mill wood. I kept a small amount though, only chips of the inside (no bark) for BEER! I plan to treat it exactly like I do oak (sans any toasting). I normally peel the bark off then split the...
  2. BonneTerre

    Ontario CA / Central Coast: Recommendations?!

    Hello all. So I find myself in Ontario CA (80 mi east of LA). I was hoping that someone could offer some Recommendations or "must see" breweries in the area. I have "google mapped" breweries in the area, there seem to be a lot! Also when we leave here we are heading up the Central Coast...
  3. BonneTerre

    Is Hemp GF? / First GF Beer!

    Hello, I have been brewing 10 years never gluten free though. So I am a newbie!!! I would really like to do this with some grains as I normally brew AG. Everyone keeps telling me how bad Sorghum tastes in the finished beer, so I have been thinking either an IPA or a Fruit beer (are these bad...
  4. BonneTerre

    Belgian Wit Yeast: Experiences/Favorites

    Tis the time of the year for Hefes, Wits, Saisons and summer beers in general. After many years of searching and reading about all of the below yeasts separately and having only used about half of them, I thought I would start a thread compiling, comparing and contrasting them. Below I have...
  5. BonneTerre

    brasserie lefe's " blanche de bruxelles " WIT

    Anyone have a recipe or an idea how to make this beer? It is wonderful, my favorite "Wit". Here is what the brewery has posted, (nice label ...hugh)!