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  1. Biscuits

    My first home brew is delicious

    Congrats! I look forward to your next post titled: "My new brew space - 1bbl Blichmann eHERMS single tier system with dedicated yeast lab and fermentation room". Seriously though, there is nothing better than brewing something that you're super proud of. It's literally the taste of victory in...
  2. Biscuits

    Statistical significance of mash pH estimates?

    I think the OP is suggesting that most people are making unintentional errors along the way and giving false validation to existing mash pH software. So, when you take your readings to validate your own water calculations, you might be using your meter incorrectly, or it isn't calibrated...
  3. Biscuits

    I have a Sailor!

    Congrats Yoop...although, he should have went Army ;)
  4. Biscuits

    Statistical significance of mash pH estimates?

    I think his question is more general. If I understand it correctly, I think he is asking whether or not we can prove that mash pH software is actually as accurate as we believe it to be. With all of the variables that come along with that, which he mentioned in his original post, what path can...
  5. Biscuits

    MASH PH Question

    No, completely ditch the 5.2 doesn't work at all, in any water, it is hogwash, phooey, snake oil, garbage. Start with the RO water and use Bru'n water to calculate out how much gypsum and calcium chloride you need to hit your target content. It will also give you an estimated...
  6. Biscuits

    MASH PH Question

    This is not good advice. Even in RO water 5.2 Mash Stabilizer is snake oil.
  7. Biscuits

    Blending dry yeast for NEIPA.

    There is no way anyone could know...unless they'e done it it for science! IT might turn out awesome...chances are it won't turn out bad...I feel like the risk/reward is high on this.
  8. Biscuits

    MASH PH Question

    You can't ignore the rest. You'll have to use your preferred mash pH calculator to input the contents and quantities of your grist and how much strike water you will be using to mash in with. Mash pH can be manipulated in a few different ways, mash thickness, acid, dark malts, brewing salts...
  9. Biscuits

    Rest In Peace, dear HBT member

    Didn't know him, but I am always sorry to hear the world has lost a brewer.
  10. Biscuits

    Northern Virginia Homebrewers

    Reach out to some of the homebrew clubs in the area....DC Homebrewers and GRiST. They often do big-brews and might utilize your space for events like that.
  11. Biscuits

    1st time water adjustments

    That sounds way off. For a 5.5 gllon batch I am using between 8.25-8.75 gallons depending on my grist, but if you have a bunch of pumps and plumbing in your system, you might have more losses then I do with my simple setup. Also, IIRC Golden Promise doesn't have a lot of diastatic
  12. Biscuits

    Freak of Science...a NEIPA turned clear...?

    Sent to the keg tonight...
  13. Biscuits

    Original Gravity testing

    I am not saying my method is the best but it is what works for me and I believe there is value in monitoring throughout the process for new brewers. If what you do works for you, that's great. For me, knowing where I am at throughout my process has value and over time I am able to know exaclty...
  14. Biscuits

    Original Gravity testing

    No, not professionally, but as a homebrewer who is working with new recipes and/or trying to get to know their system, I think it is important. Everyone has their own system and things they find important. For me, I like to take lots of readings to keep en eye on how things are going while I...
  15. Biscuits

    Freak of Science...a NEIPA turned clear...?

    My current NEIPA will be sent to the keg tomorrow evening after a 48 hour cold crash. I will post what it looks like.
  16. Biscuits

    Alternative Airlock Ideas

    Very true, if you are able to mutilate that fridge without pissing off grammy, you could trim off the plastic part of the door and that carboy would almost certaintlyfit on the floor of that fridge with plenty of room for an airlock.
  17. Biscuits


    There is a thread lurking somewhere in the depths of homebrewtalk...or reddit..that was a grocery store brewing challenge. Basically people had to design a recipe using only things they could source from their grocery store. I can't remember the title of the thread, but if you look hard enough...
  18. Biscuits

    Alternative Airlock Ideas

    I've heard of people using a ballon with a pin hole in it...or saran wrap with a pin hole....none of these will keep oxygen completely out but will get the job done.
  19. Biscuits

    Solitary brewer ?

    I typically brew alone as well. As you say, it my"me time"...but occassionally I will do a group or collaboration brew.