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  1. Beek

    Sorbated Cider for backsweetening

    Has anyone bought sorbated cider to backsweeten with. I noticed at Aldi I can get a gallon of cider for three bucks but it has sorbate, so no good for fermenting with. But could I use it for backsweetening?
  2. Beek

    Wooden BIAB stand ideas?

    Hey everyone. I've been brewing biab with just a burner on a stand with a ladder to hold the bag for drainage. I'd like to do something a little nicer. I don't weld very well, and I don't want to pay someone to weld it for me. Plus steel is damn expensive. I've been a woodworker my whole life so...
  3. Beek

    Biab wheat- rice hulls

    I'm planning my first wheat with biab. I've done other biab but never a wheat beer. My question is, with biab do you still add the rice hulls? All the recipes call for it, but it's mostly for keeping from having a stuck sparge right? That wouldn't be an issue in biab. Let me know what y'all do...
  4. Beek

    Attaching gas manifold

    How do you all attach gas manifolds inside keezers with no collar? Worried about putting a screw into coils.
  5. Beek

    Attaching Coffin box

    How do y'all that have built coffin keezers attach the coffin to the top? I'm usually pretty handy and have been doing woodworking my whole life, but I just can't figure it out. Some kind of bracket maybe?
  6. Beek

    Help with a wiring diagram

    Hey everyone. About to start my electric brewery build. My plan is to do a RIMS system. I'm pretty handy but I can't draw wiring diagrams to save my life. What I want is a three PID, 2 pump system. I want a PID running a 220 element in the HLT, same in the BK. But I want a 110 element in my RIMS...
  7. Beek

    6 months in ferm

    I made a stout from a kit in July. Then life happened and I never got around to bottling it or anything. It's just been sitting there on the old yeast and stuff. Do you guys think it's still good to go or should I just dump it and start over?
  8. Beek

    Steeping grains in beersmith

    Hey guys, I'm doing an extract with steeping grains but when I try to put the grains in beersmith I can't see how to input my steeping requirements. Any suggestions? I haven't used beersmith too much but it sure is fun.
  9. Beek

    Cleaning blow off tube

    I have a 5 ft blowoff tube and have NO idea how to clean it. I soaked it in water and it's still nasty. Any ideas?
  10. Beek

    Wee-Heavy suggestion

    Hey everyone. I love Scottish Wee-Heavies. Dirty Bastard is easily my favorite beer of all time. Anyway, yesterday I happened upon a recipe for a crazy huge Wee-Heavy. Just wanted to see what y'all think. Thanks! Extract recipe, 5-gallon batch size Original gravity: 1.120 Final gravity...
  11. Beek

    Blowoff tube has a lot of beer

    I think I might have filled my secondary too full. Now there is actual beer 6 inches up my blowoff tube. Any idea what to do? I was thinking about maybe transferring a little of it into a one gallon carboy but I'm unsure. Let me know please.
  12. Beek

    Finished 2nd brew

    I just finished my second brew ever. Brewer's Best American Pale Wheat. I'm just waiting for the wort to cool down so I can pitch my yeast. This was my first time using a Brewer's Best kit, as my first one was a simple Cooper's kit. I loved it... the instructions were very clear, all the...
  13. Beek

    Blueberry Wheat- Brewer's Best

    Hey guys. I'm about to start my second brew. My first was just a simple Coopers Stout with some added DME. It turned out pretty decent, SWMBO loved it!! Yes I married a stout lover, don't be jealous ;) Anyway for my next one I bought the Brewer's Best American Pale Wheat. I'm going to add frozen...
  14. Beek

    Bottling bucket fermenter

    Want to use my bottling bucket as a fermenter just so I can do another brew. But when I'm bottling, beer leaks out a little from behind the seal. I have the nut down as tight as I can and it still does it. Suggestions?
  15. Beek

    One Keg Kegerator

    Anyone build a kegerator that holds only one keg? Like for taking to parties and what not. I'd be really interested in seeing some pics. Thanks!
  16. Beek

    One liter bottle caps

    I'm wanting to put beer and soda in some one liter soda bottles I have kickin around. I need caps for them. Are they the same as the caps for PET bottles? If not, does anyone know where to find some? Thanks!
  17. Beek

    Stupid Question about beer storage

    My first brew is in the primary right now. My moron question is, once it's bottled and carbonated, do I need to store it in the fridge? I just don't have room in my fridge for 60 bottles of beer. Can I kill the yeast once it's carb'd and just store it in my basement? Thanks y'all :mug:
  18. Beek

    Cooper's Stout

    Just did my first brew last night. Simple Coopers Stout kit. I'll go to more complicated things next but this is just to get my feet wet. Airlock isn't going at all after 24 hours. I assume this is okay? Hope so. Anyway, I'm stoked. Can't wait to bottle and then drink this. Y'all have been huge...