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  1. PearlJam

    Beersmith 3 Discount

    Does anyone know if there is a discount code currently active somewhere on a blog or podcast or so?
  2. PearlJam


    I have brewed a good couple of batches of lager style beers and keep getting the same cardboard off-flavour. When I sample whilst fermenting, it is always a good taste, once I bottle I end up with this off-flavour. I recently tried a tip to place a cap on the bottle and wait for 30 mins before...
  3. PearlJam

    Pale Lager

    I would just like some views on whether this recipe looks ok. It has the hop schedule of a pilsner, not sure if it will work Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 26,11 l Post Boil Volume: 21,61 l Batch Size (fermenter): 18,00 l Bottling Volume: 15,25 l...
  4. PearlJam

    Possible confirmation of no infection?

    I brewed a pilsner on Thursday and decided to cool the wort down quite a bit, but not to pitching temp. Then rack to fermentation bucket and place the bucket into the fermentation chamber to cool it down to pitching temp. When I transferred the wort as I pushed in the airlock, it pushed the...
  5. PearlJam

    Slightly underpitch or overpitch - lager

    I added the yeast (W-34/70) that I will be using to beersmith with the dates that is printed on the packets. I have an older packet (7/2016) and two packets (10/2017). If I use one new packet and the older one it gives me a cell count of 351bn and I need 372bn. If I use all three the count is...
  6. PearlJam

    How does this look for Oktoberfest?

    I worked on this recipe a bit to try and being new thought I would run it by the knowledgeable guys first Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 24,96 l Post Boil Volume: 22,36 l Batch Size (fermenter): 20,00 l Bottling Volume: 18,50 l Estimated OG: 1,053 SG...
  7. PearlJam

    Pilsner - How does it look?

    I am working on this recipe which the base is something like an Urquell As I am new to this I would just like it if the experienced brewers can just review it for if it all makes sense. I am not sure how to get the info from Beersmith to post the detail easily, I have however attached the...
  8. PearlJam

    Suggestion for a first stout?

    I want to make a stout next and have gone through the recipes on HBT. I would like some recommendations for an easy stout with maybe a coffee after taste, slight chocolate is ok, but not preferable. TIA
  9. PearlJam

    My first brew

    Hi all, I am very new to brewing and did my first batch this past weekend. I did an American Pale Ale. I decided to split the wort into two fermenters and added US-05 and S-04 respectively. As my luck would have it, we immediately started a heatwave with daily temps of 97f/36c. The...