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  1. w9nl

    PID Thermocouple question

    Thanks for the link to those connectors. I probably should have gone the RTD route to begin with. After scratching my head a little harder I finally read the note in the manual about not using copper wiring. Removed that and the XLR connector and went direct to the PID and all was good.
  2. w9nl

    PID Thermocouple question

    Just hooked up a Auber 2362 PID and a Liquid tight K type, TC-K100M1/2NPT temp probe. I put the PID in a box and used a XLR connector on the temp probe so I could connect/disconnect as needed. I'm making the move to 10g batches and wanted to do a trial run of sorts tonight to see how things...
  3. w9nl

    barrel aging

    I just got a 5 gallon whiskey barrel myself. How full did you fill the barrel? Was there any head space left in the barrel? It was recommended to me that I should not have any headspace in the barrel. I have about 6.5 gallons in my primary and want to make sure after transferring I will have...
  4. w9nl

    Belgian Blond Ale SWMBO Slayer - Belgian Blonde

    My wife usually doesn't care for my beers. Brewed this one up and serving tonight and I think we have a winner :). Got some other folks coming over for a little party tonight so will have to see how everyone else feels about it. But if SWMBO likes it I'm golden.
  5. w9nl

    Is it wrong?

    Rough day at work today and even though I have a couple of kegs with some nice home brew I felt the need for a nice vodka martini. Is it wrong?
  6. w9nl

    All-grain brew day (lots of photos)

    I have probably done the same number of AG batches as you, first getting crushed grains from NB and then getting a sack from my LHBS and using their mill. Just wasn't getting good efficiencies in any of my batches. After using the LHBS mill and just looking at the gap which seemed to big for...
  7. w9nl

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    I'm in....thanks!
  8. w9nl

    Stir plate learnings :)

    I did that exact thing when I was testing it out with just water. I just totally had a dumb moment!
  9. w9nl

    Stir plate learnings :)

    Put together a stir plate last week and tried it out on some old yeast I had gotten from one of my primary's. Never really intended on using this particular yeast as it had been sitting in a jar for probably a few months. So anyway I went thru the normal steps and made a starter and put it on my...
  10. w9nl

    Pitch it or wait?

    Awesome. Thanks for the quick replies.
  11. w9nl

    Pitch it or wait?

    Brewing a wheat beer today and made a starter last night. The starter is going strong but I'm wondering if I should let the starter settle down before pitching. I normally make a starter a few days before brewing, but I was out of town and couldn't do it till last night. Thoughts?