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  1. MusicLife

    Fermentation question

    This may be a dumb question but i have a belgian strong i brewed yesterday. Checked it this morning and its going good. Got home today and looks like it went mad. The airlock was jammed up and not bubblin. I didnt think much of it and switched em out and it started bubblin like crazy...
  2. MusicLife

    Critique my process

    Anyone who likes to knit pick feel free to do so 😂 So far my reintroduction into homebrewing has had a couple bumps in the road. Learning as I'm going and very much still enjoying every second of it. But so far my batches, All grain, have been average at best. To me they taste like "beer". If...
  3. MusicLife

    White labs question

    So most of the brews I've done recently have been my LHBS recipes and they use white labs yeast. The only thing that has been very odd is I've had very slow/sluggish fermentations. I did a porter a on Saturday and pitched at the called temp and i got no activity until late Sunday, which was...
  4. MusicLife

    BIAB vs 3 vessel

    So I have recently switched to all grain, still learning as my first batches have just been average at best, and been doing BIAB. Last equipment purchase i made to get certiain items came with the coolers to give me the option to do 3 vessel or BIAB. Now i guess im wondering are there any...
  5. MusicLife

    Porter recipe assistance

    Hey all, Looking to make this porter next. Id like to turn it more into a vanilla porter and was wondering about how much is recommended to add to 2ndary. Also i was thinking of adding some light dme to up the abv and maybe adding some lactose. Also wouldn't mind some feedback on that lol...
  6. MusicLife


    Any cigar fans here? If so whatcha smokin?
  7. MusicLife

    How many fermentors

    How many is to many? And how many do yall have? Just curious lol
  8. MusicLife

    Novice kegging question

    So im new to kegging. I have a double primary regulator outside of keezer. First is going to a keg and 2nd i want to use to get my homebrews carbed. I know this is prolly a dumb question but if the 1st regulator is set lower can the 2nd be set higher at say 20 psi? I have tired to force carb...
  9. MusicLife

    WTB- Ball lock kegs in Southeastern VA

    Looking for ball lock kegs preferably in the Hampton Roads area.
  10. MusicLife

    BIAB newbie with low OG

    So i have done 2 BIAB batches this past week ( my first 2 ever) and both batches i came in under OG. The way i did it was add all the water from the mash and sparge to start and mashed for 90mins. Then after boil i had the required amount of wort but gravity was over 6 points off both times. 1st...