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  1. Nierika

    Pulse Oxy Strong replaced Sun Oxygen Cleaner??

    Has anyone used Pulse Oxy Strong? I usually buy the Sun Oxygen cleaner from Family Dollar, but they seem to have stopped carrying Sun and now have Pulse instead. I called the company that makes it and they claim that is is only sodium percarbonate with no added dyes or perfumes, but my nose says...
  2. Nierika

    Question about Stabilizing/Clearing Additions

    I brewed a Vinexpert Sauvgnon Blanc/Semillion on 4/19/2012. The wine is in the secondary and is very clear. The kit instructions say to stir the sediment back up before stabilizing and fining. Is this absolutely necessary? Does the wine still need degassing after 6 1/2 weeks? I would like to...
  3. Nierika

    Would YOU use this carboy??

    I bought a old 5 gallon seltzer carboy from the flea market for $5. Only problem is there is a lot of scratches/gouges around the neck. The inside seems to be in good shape however. Would YOU store your precious liquids in here???
  4. Nierika

    Starter - Sealed Mason Jar - Lid Clicks?

    Got a mason jar of canned wort from my lhbs, and just noticed the lid clicks. Does that indicate that the jar has not sealed properly? Not sure if I should boil 1st to be safe. Any thoughts?
  5. Nierika

    Possible Infection?

    I brewed a mild brown ale 7 days ago. Made a starter with White Labs Burton Ale wlp023. The fermentation started very fast and was quite vigorous. Took a peek at it today and noticed what looks like some sort of pellicle on top? It's looks almost like the bubbles that form when you blow through...
  6. Nierika

    Need Help with Prohibition Era Labels ASAP

    Tomorrow is our friends charity auction and the theme is the Roaring Twenties. We are donating 7 bottles of wine served up in a 5-gallon oak barrel converted into a wine rack (I swear I heard the barrel scream as I cut into it) I wanted to come up with some simple olde timey prohibition era...
  7. Nierika

    Cork Types and Aging?

    I will be bottling my first batch of wine soon, and was wondering if some corks are better than others for long term aging. I grabbed a bag of 9 1/2" corks from my local hbs, but I don't really have any more info than that. Any info on corks is appreciated. The wine tasted really good and I'd...
  8. Nierika

    Is Apfelwein Kosher???

    So I have a batch of Ed Wort's Apfelwein that was just kegged, I want to share it with my coworkers. Many are Jewish and some were concerned about it being kosher. One of the girls talked to someone who was knowledgeable about all things kosher. His response was that all wine must be prepared...
  9. Nierika

    Any all grain brewers near Philly?

    Me and my girlfriend are planning to go all grain by springtime, but we are still a little confused by the process. Is there anyone near Philly that would let us come hang out while you brew up an all grain batch? I think being able to watch the entire process from start to finish would be very...
  10. Nierika

    BB IPA - FG seems a bit high...

    Last night I brewed a nut brown ale. I needed to free up my primary, so I transferred my ipa to a secondary. Not thinking, I didn't take a hydrometer reading before transferring. The ipa was in the primary for 10 days, with a vigorous fermentation the first few days, so I (shouldn't have)...
  11. Nierika

    How long can a mead stay in the primary?

    I was wondering how long a mead can stay in the primary without causing off flavors from the yeast?
  12. Nierika

    Quick "Mead" to keg. Need help formulating recipe.

    I just got my kegging setup up and running and would like to have a mead on tap. I know patience is a virtue when it comes to mead (I have a gallon of orange blossom mead that I am not in any hurry to drink), however, I am interested in having some sort of honey alcohol on tap sooner than later...
  13. Nierika

    Craigslist Fridge Temp Control Issues

    I currently have a $20 fridge I scored off of craigslist. Plugged it in and it seemed to be working fine, except on 2 occasions I noticed the compressor didn't want to kick on. I have some bottles of ice in the freezer and both times this happened they were partially melted when I found out...
  14. Nierika

    Need help ordering beer/gas lines

    I just ordered my co2 regulator and will be picking up my co2 tank this weekend. I'm getting a little confused as to what exactly I need to order as far as the beer/gas lines are concerned. My setup will be a simple party tap system with 2 ball lock kegs until I can get a better fridge (my $20...
  15. Nierika

    Old Hops

    I just aquired a bunch of hops that have been stored in a freezer since around 2003. Do you think these are still good for brewing. If not, any other uses?? Here's what I got: Brewers Gold 3oz %aa Bullion 1oz 8.9%aa Spalt 1oz 3.0%aa Tettnang 1/2oz 4.7%aa Liberty 2oz 3.3%aa Chinnok 1oz...
  16. Nierika

    Damn it, Cat Hair in my Mead

    Two days ago I made a gallon batch of orange blossom mead. Today when I was checking it out I noticed that there is a cat hair inside the jug. It is not in the mead but in the ring of gunk at the top (is this considere a kraeusen?) I tried to take the airlock off to fish it out, but the airlock...
  17. Nierika

    FG question -> Muntons Irish Stout

    Last night I racked my batch of Munton's Irish stout to a secondary (It was in the primary for 8 days) The instructions said the final gravity should remain constant below 1.008. My reading was 1.022 at 73°. Is this something to be concerned about? I broke my hydrometer druing brewing, so no OG...